How much does a luminaire installer need to install a luminaire?

The lamps in the home play an important role. It is not only the effect of lighting but also the entire home environment. So now there are many types of lighting, but more than one species, it becomes difficult to install, a lot of people during the lighting of the installation, do not know how to operate, therefore, need to go to a professional chef operation, then the lighting installation work How much money a day ? Only knowing this price, only know that the installation is inappropriate. Let's take a look with Xiao Bian!

How much is a luminaire installer a day

How much is a luminaire installer a day ? Now that the price of a luminaire is almost $150, the luminaire is the eye of home life, so the position of the luminaire in the home is crucial. Nowadays people call lighting fixtures as lighting. From the title, people can see that lamps are not only used for lighting, it can also be used to decorate rooms.

Labor costs vary in different regions, and the actual price is subject to actual conditions.

Installation luminaire precautions

1. When installing the lamp, if it is a sub-control switch, then it is more convenient, because a free switch. If there is no wind control switch, then when several lights are on and off together, the light and shade of light cannot be selected, and electricity will be wasted. So now the installation of lamps are equipped with sub-control switch can be selected at any time according to the need to open a few lights.

2. Now that the intelligent design of the lighting system is already adjustable, it can be adjusted when the lamp feels harsh and people feel more comfortable and comfortable. The color temperature of the light should be consistent with the atmosphere of the room, at least to be similar to the color temperature of other areas of the room.

3. The installation position is also very important. In each space, the correct installation position is selected so that part of the light emitted by the lamp will strike the rear baffle and then reflect to the operating table and then strike the center of the entire space.

4. The lighting installation, the most important thing is to be solid, you can use your hand, feel it. The bottom cover of the lamp should be close to the ceiling and cannot be shaken.

5. If you install a chandeliers, then there will be a wire from the top to the lamp, then we must pay attention to this wire can not be taut, it should be loosely wrapped around the lever to go, or later the long-term tension Tight wires are very prone to problems.

6. Carefully check that there is no exposed wire. In addition, many ceiling lamps have anti-scratch film on the top, and need to be peeled off after installation. The exposed people know that it is very difficult. In fact, there is a small trick. You can use a hair dryer to blow this film, and then you can expose it. It was very easy to peel off.

The above is the amount of money that the light fixtures that Xiaobian brings to you and the precautions for installing the light fixtures. I believe we have more understanding of the installation of lighting, hope to help everyone, if you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

Lighting installation

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