70 square meters of housing decoration costs 70 square meters of housing decoration design points

Now 80,90 has become the main force of the purchase of the current property market. The total price of 70 square meters of the house is not high, so they become their preferred room type. After the house is handed, it is ready to be renovated. In order to better control the budget, a general plan will be made before the renovation. So how much do you need for a 70 square meter home renovation ? 70 square meters of housing decoration design points what? Let's take a look at these issues and share them with everyone. Hopefully, we can help those who need them.

70 square meters of renovated houses, how much money

70 square meters of house decoration to spend much money, which is not accurate budget, hardcover and paperback spending, different regional decoration costs, different styles of decoration costs, different companies decoration costs are different. If it is hardcover, the price is about 800-1500 yuan / square meter, while the simple version is 500-800 yuan / square meter.

70 square meters of houses decoration design points

1, decoration style positioning

The 70-square-meter house is more suitable for simple style decoration. From the perspective of saving money and space, it is suitable for modern minimalist style, simple European style, simple American style and simple pastoral. These styles share some common features, that is, there are not many furniture in the living room, so long as they can be used. And not too much decoration on the walls and ceiling, usually using wallpaper or water-based paint. The color of the decoration is also mainly light or black and white. Focus on service and practicality, commonly used small embellishment perfect home decoration.

2. Reasonable use of space

A reasonable use of space, 70 square meters to 90 square meters is also possible, the first is the use of elegant colors in the tone of the decoration or the use of mirror decoration to make the space visually more spacious. The second is the bay window design, which can achieve the effect of real expansion of the area. The bay window design may be a rectangular or trapezoidal structure protruding outwards, and the bay window is transformed into a recreation area or a small study after a small transformation.

3, multiple functional areas

The small area of ​​70 square meters does not have a separate space to plan multiple functional areas, so evolved into a large space containing a one-piece structure of a living room dining room or a living room dining room kitchen, with a bead curtain or a low wall as a simple empty partition. If the family often cook, they still need to design a closed independent kitchen to solve the smoke problem.

The above is about 70 square meters of housing decoration needs how much money and design points related to share, for everyone to make a reference! If you have more related issues, welcome to continue to focus on Qi family information, the latter will present more exciting content for everyone.

70 square meters house decoration

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