The fingerprint locks are completely contrasted by the major factions.

With the application of smart technology in the field of locks becoming more and more mature, domestic smart lock products have also begun to accelerate its popularity. Among them, the growth trend of smart fingerprint locks with fingerprint recognition as the core technology is particularly obvious. From the B- end market to the C- end market, fingerprint locks not only solve the convenience of large-scale management, but also take the role of a security portal as a core component of home security. Nowadays, there are more and more brands of fingerprint locks around us. How to make purchases has gradually become one of the problems faced by consumers.

The fingerprint locks are completely contrasted by the major factions.

At present, the fingerprint lock brands that domestic consumers can access in the market can be roughly divided into three categories. The first category is international brands with extensive popularity and global products, such as Samsung, Yale, Deschman, etc. Most of these brands continue the manufacturing process and humanistic characteristics of the origin, and the product features are more obvious, focusing on high-end consumption. Group; the second category is the first-line brands with good market base in China, such as Cadiz, Dijir, etc. These brands tend to pay more attention to their own packaging, and the sales model is still based on the B- end; the third is near In the past few years, relying on the e-commerce platform to grow up the Amoy brand fingerprint locks, such as the head of the star, Asia-Pacific Tianneng, etc., these brands entered the market late, but the development speed can not be underestimated. These three types of fingerprint locks have their own characteristics, but they are not completely different.

Amoy brand VS traditional brand, the lack of after-sales caused a disconnect between online and offline

For the industry, the entry of emerging brands is a benign phenomenon, as is the fingerprint lock. The emergence of Amoy brand fingerprint locks can be called a symbol of the arrival of the intelligent era, showing a new form of traditional locks developed in the Internet era, but its drawbacks can not be ignored. One of the most noteworthy is the general lack of Amoy brand fingerprint locks in after-sales service.

E-commerce channels do offer a broad platform and low-cost marketing model, but this advantage is difficult to extend to the offline, which is very different from traditional brands. Locks are a comprehensive product that combines experience, installation, maintenance and other services. Offline is an irreplaceable part. With many years of channel accumulation, traditional brands can play a unique advantage here. However, the Amoy brand is difficult to achieve the organic combination of online and offline. It is difficult to follow up the problem in time. This is the result that everyone is not willing to see, and it is also the result that users cannot easily bear.

Domestic brands vs international brands, innovation cannot be sacrificed as a user experience

From a technical point of view, there are still a lot of space for the domestic fingerprint lock brand to be upgraded. This can be seen from the use function. An interesting phenomenon is that when international brands enter the domestic market, they tend to adapt to the needs of users. At the same time, domestic first-line brands are constantly pursuing the apparent integration with the international market, ignoring the user experience. .

The fingerprint locks are completely contrasted by the major factions.

Zhu Zhiling, chairman of Deschmann Electromechanical (China) Co., Ltd. believes that for intelligent fingerprint locks, the core concern of users is always safe and convenient. Security is the basic needs of users, and convenience is the value-added demand of users. Therefore, based on the convenience of security requirements, it is the core selling point of the current smart fingerprint lock. Therefore, Deschmann pays more attention to the safety and convenience of the product development, continuously optimizes the technology and products, and fully considers the actual needs of users in the interactive experience of the application scenario. Based on this, Deschman Smart Lock adds a lot of humanized functions, such as self-elastic locks that can be automatically locked against the elderly and children's home users, preventing the dangerous situation caused by forgetting to lock the door. It is also not available in the domestic first-line brands.


International brands are also facing new challenges, and localization needs to be strengthened.

As mentioned above, most of the international fingerprint lock brands continue the manufacturing process and humanistic features of their origin. For example, the US fingerprint locks represented by Yale pay attention to practical functions, but they are slightly backward in terms of Internet linkage functions; The Korean fingerprint locks pay more attention to the fashionable design, but the lock body technology is not as good as the other two factions; while the German fingerprint lock represented by Deschmann inherits the German Seiko technology and minimalist design. Compared to the other two factions, the popularity is slightly lower.

The fingerprint locks are completely contrasted by the major factions.

From the perspective of market distribution, these brands together account for nearly 80% of the domestic mid-to-high-end market. It is difficult to see the difference; but from a product perspective, we can find some differences. This difference is reflected in the localization of products. on. The lock specifications of foreign countries are different from those in China, and the low adaptability is a common problem in many practical applications of international brands. For example, the fingerprint locks of Samsung and Yale cannot be installed in the domestic world, which is easy to cause a decline in the security level. Of course, not all international brands are like this. Deschman is better at adapting, and can be installed in addition to special sizes.
According to research, the smart fingerprint lock market is expected to expand rapidly in the next few years, and it will fully enter the outbreak period. This will be an ongoing subversion for both the industry and consumers. In the industry, in the face of a game of multiple business models, the market will witness who can grasp the direction of future development, whether it can grasp the core needs to land services or become the key to success. For consumers, smart life will become a reality and enter the homes of ordinary people. How to make choices depends on actual needs.

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