2018 Shanghai International Locks Security Products Exhibition [Full Lock Exhibition]


Welcome to the 2018 Shanghai International Locks Security Products Exhibition. The theme of this year's exhibition is 'Refining Locks, Winning the Future', focusing on global lock product innovation, accelerating the development of the lock industry, and promoting the intelligent upgrade of traditional locks, in order to better cooperate with the exhibition. The purpose of the exhibition, technical exchanges and promotion, and further enriching the supporting activities of the Shanghai International Locks Security Exhibition, the organizers carefully organized a series of important activities, starting from the perspective and technology drive as the entry point, and establishing a communication and cooperation platform. The comprehensive promotion strategy of the exhibition will be radiated from China to professional buyers in the Asia-Pacific region and the world, allowing exhibitors to effectively explore China and overseas international markets and strengthen opportunities for engagement with target buyers. With its rich experience in international exhibitions and exhibitions, Huide Exhibition integrates industrial resources to provide an optimal platform for international, professional and high-quality exchanges, negotiations, transactions and cooperation.

Excellent domestic locks and security products industry bases: Wenzhou, Ningbo, Yongkang, Pujiang, Zhongshan Xiaolan, Shenzhen, etc. will be on display, more than 20,000 exhibits, of which about 60% of new products. It is expected that nearly 500 locks and leading companies in the security industry will participate. Shanghai International Locks Security Products Exhibition adheres to the idea of ​​“internationalization, specialization, marketization and branding”, and cooperates with more than 100 professional media and industry associations at home and abroad to strive to build the trade fair. An international brand exhibition that integrates negotiation, display transaction, information exchange and image display.

[Exhibition Highlights]

Large-scale users gathered

The exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibits included a large number of smart locks, fingerprint locks, electronic locks, mechanical locks, safes (cabinet), vehicle traffic locks, safety protection products, locks (attached) and related items. Technical equipment, etc. At the same time, we organize professional customers in various fields to observe and participate. It will invite special organizations and procurement groups from abroad to attend the conference. It is estimated that more than 10,000 customers will come to the site and the professional audience will exceed 50,000.

Wonderful events

In the same period, a number of high-end activities will be held. In conjunction with the security products for locks, we will organize: Locks Security Industry Development Forum, Biometrics Technology Forum, Locks Security New Product Launch Conference, Smart Home Technology Summit Forum, etc. Organizational locks and security industry outstanding enterprise promotion conference, lock security industry leading entrepreneurs and intelligent manufacturing enterprises gathered together to discuss the development of lock security industry.

Industry Festival International Platform

The exhibition is dedicated to meeting the actual needs of all parties. It will invite government departments, industry associations, domestic and foreign terminal buyers and industry experts to participate in the exhibition. Through exhibitions and colorful activities, a trade fair, exhibition exchange, event promotion, Evaluation and promotion is an annual industry festival, building a truly high-end international communication platform for locks and security companies, and striving to develop into an internationally influential security industry for locks and security products.

Strong propaganda casts brand

Through various channels, the exhibition will issue more than 300,000 tickets to professional visitors, and push hundreds of thousands of EDMs through the organizing committee database and various partner databases, and through Weibo, Baidu, 360, WeChat, QQ Group, industry related and application. A variety of new media outlets such as portals will be promoted and promoted, and more than 150 large-scale online media will publish the text notices of the exhibition and the soft press releases of the exhibition, targeting government departments, industry associations, end customers and professional organizations. The senior leaders, through telephone calls, on-site visits, summit promotion, etc., widely invited senior industry representatives to the meeting.


Organizer: Shanghai Huide Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Supported by: Shanghai Door and Window Industry Association Sea Hardware Products Association Jiangsu Hardware Industry Association Zhejiang Door and Window Industry Association Jiangsu Door and Window Industry Association Wuxi Smart Home Industry Alliance

Organizer: Shanghai Huide Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

media support:

China Building Materials Network, China Door and Window Network, China Lock Industry Network, Security Engineering Network, Sogou.com, China Security Network, China Wood Door Network, China Lock Network, China Lock Network, Modern Lock Network, China Door Lock Network, Door Dealer Network , China Security Exhibition Network, China Door Industry Network, China Lock Wholesale Network, HC Locks Network, China Open Lock Network, Lock Industry Talent Network, China Security Industry Network, China Smart Home Network, Tencent Home Network, Qianjia Network, Witten Network, Techweb, OFweek smart home network, good home network, Netease digital, Sina technology, Feixiang network, Zhongguancun online, Pacific computer, CSDN, YORK, IT home, CCID, 51CTO, 21cn technology, IT business, electronics Enthusiasts, China News Network, China Economic News Network, Economic Daily, Science China, C114, etc.

[Scope of participation]

Electronic locks:

Smart lock, fingerprint lock, electronic door lock, magnetic card lock, IC card lock, induction lock, digital lock, voice lock, door lock, biometric, face recognition, etc.

mechanical lock:

Fire door lock, ball door lock, mortise door lock, handle door lock, luggage lock, furniture lock, channel lock, bolt lock, color lock, safety chain (pin), push-button mechanical code lock, full mechanical code lock, Various padlocks and keys.

Vehicle traffic lock:

All kinds of car locks, motorcycle locks, bicycle locks, all kinds of parking lot parking locks and special specifications locks.

Locks with (attached) parts and related technical equipment:

Door and window hardware, furniture hardware, locks (key) production technology and equipment, opening (repair) lock tools and related consumables, equipment.

security product:

Intelligent buildings, alarm systems, anti-theft systems, access doorbells, intercom systems, monitoring systems and related accessories, safes (cabinet), digital products and information security systems.

[target audience]

1. Domestic and foreign building materials distribution agents, construction engineering and real estate hardcover project buyers, wholesalers, import and export traders, etc.;

2. Real estate developers, owners/decoration companies, high-end customers/smart communities, weak system integrators, construction agencies/cities

Administrative building/property management, etc.;

3. Well-known manufacturers of doors and windows, furniture, luggage, etc.;

4. Relevant government departments, communications, education, banking, science, IT computers, industry, research institutes, universities, hospitals, hotels,

Relevant leaders and purchasing staff of apartment villas, shopping malls, restaurants, etc.;

5. Experts and scholars in the design/planning department, procurement department, related associations, chambers of commerce, society, and other industry organizations;

6. Smart product distribution channels and markets, smart product sales channels and markets, shopping malls and supermarkets;

【Exhibition fee】

Booth type

Single launch position (3m × 3m)

Double development position (3m × 3m)

Light land 36m2 to rent

Domestic enterprises



Â¥1400 yuan/m2

Overseas enterprises, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan




Note 1: Basic equipment for standard booth: (length 3m x width 3m x height 2.5m), three-sided board (white), company Chinese and English fascia board, one power socket (within 500W), two fluorescent lamps, one consultation Taiwan, two folding chairs, carpets, garbage bins, etc. Note 2: The open space booth does not have any facilities, and the exhibitors design, decorate or commission the design and decoration. [Advertising fee]

Conference advertisement

Other ads

Cover: RMB30,000

Audience badge: RMB60,000

Back cover: RMB18,000

Tote bag: RMB90,000

Philippine One: RMB18,000

Sling ad: RMB50,000

Philippines II: RMB15,000

Signage: RMB10,000

Coloring page full version: RMB8,000

Arch: RMB20,000


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