What is the decoration of the whole package all the advantages and disadvantages of what

All-inclusive as a kind of decoration, is widely used in the decoration. For owners who are busy living, finding a company with trust and good economic strength, choosing a full package repair is a very good choice, which can save a lot of time. Then, the next to introduce what is the decoration of the whole package and all the advantages and disadvantages of the package!

First, decoration What is all-inclusive

The whole package repair is the contractor's material, and the decoration is entirely borne by the decoration company, and the decoration materials used during the renovation are purchased. The owners who choose the all-inclusive model are basically not familiar with the decoration materials and decoration, and rely entirely on the decoration company. However, when choosing the all-inclusive package, you must first negotiate with the decoration company about the price, and you can entrust it to decorate your own home.


II. What are the contents of the renovation package?

What is the decoration? The definition of all-inclusive we know, then the whole package contains what?

1. Basic decoration (including all auxiliary materials and labor)

(1) Modification of the wall: Demolition of old walls, walls, trenches, water-pipe isomers;

(2) Provide water pipes (cold and hot water pipes), wires (strong and weak electricity), tracheal materials and installation and installation;

(3) Drainage pipes for toilets, backfill and leveling of lightweight materials;

(4) kitchen, bathroom, balcony wall (not less than 1.8 meters), ground waterproof treatment;

(5) Ground leveling treatment for each room;

(6) Living room 623 * 623 antique floor tiles, viewing balcony 300 * 300 floor tile shop;

(7) Toilets, kitchens, living terrace tiles, and wall tiles;

(8) Putty putty on the surface of the wall and the top surface, surface brush latex paint;

(9) Toilet ware and hardware installation;

(10) Installation of all room lamps.

2. Modeling section (including all auxiliary materials and labor)

(1) TV wall modeling;

(2) Living room, dining room, master bedroom, master bedroom entrance, and cloakroom ceiling.

3, carpentry part

Mainly include kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, shoe cabinets or TV cabinets, etc. If you purchase it yourself, you can save it.


Third, all the advantages and disadvantages of the package

1, the advantages of all-inclusive

(1) Owners are motivated to save time and effort, as long as the timely communication with the decoration company, let the other party understand their own ideas, and monitor the basic progress and quality of the project.

(2) Design by a decoration company is more professional and less likely to cause regret in the future.

(3) The design, construction and material selection are all performed by the same company. The final results will be more complete and the style will be more uniform.

2, the shortcomings of all-inclusive

(1) In the decoration industry, practitioners and staff are uneven, and identification is not easy.

(2) There are a lot of chances to be deceived when you encounter some informal companies.

(3) Especially in the purchase of building materials, it may be used by decoration companies.


Fourth, select all package considerations

Want to fully understand what is the whole package decoration, you also have to understand the following matters about it. The whole package repair is to hand over the decoration to the decoration company, but it is necessary to pay attention to verifying the qualifications and business license of the decoration company to ensure that the decoration company is operating properly, personally checking and consulting at home and confirming the business location. For the overall home improvement design proposal put forward by the decoration company, there are many considerations, and you can check the rationality of the plan by yourself. In terms of decoration materials, we must also understand the specific conditions of its suppliers to ensure that the materials are green and healthy. It is best to use environmentally-friendly building materials.


The above is related to the decoration of what is the full package and all the advantages and disadvantages of the full package of related knowledge, after reading it is not more understanding of this area! Want to learn more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this site information, more exciting content Stay tuned!

What is the decoration?

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