Diesel generator set part cleaning method

In the repair of diesel generator sets, it is often necessary to clean oil, carbon deposits, scale, and rust on the surfaces of the parts. Due to the different nature of various types of dirt, the method of removal is also different.
1, oil cleaning
Thicker oil deposits on the surface of the part should be scraped first. Generally, the surface of the parts should be cleaned in a hot cleaning solution. Common cleaning solutions include alkaline cleaning solutions and synthetic detergents. When using alkaline cleaning solution for thermal cleaning, heat to 70~90°C, immerse the part for 10~15 minutes, then remove and rinse with clean water, and then blow dry with compressed air.
2, carbon removal
Removal of coke can be done using a simple mechanical removal method with a metal brush, but it is not easy to clean the coke and easy to operate the surface of the part. It is best to use chemical methods to remove coke, that is, use charcoal heating agent to heat to 80~90°C, expand the charcoal on parts and soften it, then use brush to remove it.
3, scale removal
Scales are generally chemically removed. Caustic soda solution or hydrochloric acid solution, sodium fluoride hydrochloric acid scale remover and phosphoric acid scale remover are added to the coolant. After the engine is working for a certain period of time, the coolant can be replaced.
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