Hardware and building materials price list analysis hardware building materials and density specifically what

Nowadays, many families may have some hardware and building materials, which can be more convenient for repairing something that has failed. In fact, many industrial types of things in our lives need to be used. Although they are all small tools, they are used for a very large number of purposes. In addition, there are a lot of hardware and building materials that are strictly classified. Next we specifically understand the price analysis of hardware and building materials, as well as the specific hardware and building materials and density.

Hardware and building materials price list analysis

1. In general, there are numerous hardware materials on the market today. There may be many types that are relatively rare to everybody. According to some understanding of hardware and materials of Tangming, the quality is very good. Mainly engaged in environmental protection sanitary ware, ceramic sanitary ware, metal pendants, etc., and hardware anti-theft lock price 455 yuan, the design of fashion is simple, very easy to use, there are seven layers of plating, corrosion resistance is not bad. (Price source network is for reference only)

2. There are many different kinds of hardware and building materials in terms of price. However, the hardware and building materials of Feidiao brand are also very good and are welcomed by many consumers. Usually the price here is about 300 yuan. Then the hardware building materials are divided into architectural hardware, tinplate, nail locks, iron wire, steel wire mesh, wire cutting, home hardware, and various tools and building materials. The nature and use of hardware and building materials should be divided into eight categories: iron and steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials, mechanical parts, transmission equipment, auxiliary tools, work tools, construction hardware, and household hardware. (Price source network is for reference only)

3, hardware and building materials not only in terms of price and variety, and each hardware and building materials in the specifications, size, function, use are not the same. Presumably these people are also aware of, and hardware products play an irreplaceable role in home decoration, homes may have to prepare a variety of hardware and building materials. Choosing good hardware accessories can make many decorative materials safer and more convenient to use. In fact, the main thing is to see what kind of products are purchased. The prices are generally tens to hundreds. So SUS304 stainless steel hot and cold mixing faucet, usually the price is about 60 yuan a, and the quality is also very good. (Price source network is for reference only)

What are the specific hardware and building materials and density?

Water 1.00 Ice 0.92 5 Aluminum Bronze 8.20

Silver 10.50 Mercury (Hg) 13.60 Lead Anode 11.33

Gray cast iron 6.60-7.40 White cast iron 7.40-7.70 4-4-2.5 Tin bronze 8.75

Malleable cast iron 7.20-7.40 Copper 8.90 Lead and lead bismuth alloy 11.37

Iron 7.86 Cast Steel 7.80 4-0.5 Cast Zinc Alloy 6.75

Industrial Pure Iron 7.87 Common Carbon Steel 7.85 4-1 Casting Zinc Alloy 6.90

Quality Carbon Steel 7.85 Carbon Tool Steel 7.85 Nickel-Chromium Alloy 8.72

Easy-cut steel 7.85 Manganese steel 7.81 Nickel-copper, Nickel-magnesium, Nickel-silicon alloy 8.85

15CrA Chrome Steel 7.74 20Cr, 30Cr, 40Cr Chrome Steel 7.82 Silicon Brass, Nickel Brass, Iron Brass 8.50

38CrA Chrome Steel 7.80 Beryllium Bronze 8.30 Pure Nickel, Nickel Anode, Electro Vacuum Nickel 8.85

3-1 Silicon Bronze 8.47 1-3 Silicon Bronze 8.60 Pure Copper 8.90

1 Bronze 8.80 1.5 Manganese Bronze 8.80 Cork 0.25

5 Manganese Bronze 8.60 Gold 19.30 Zinc 7.10

4-0.3, 4-4-4 Tin Bronze 8.90 Cast Zinc 6.86 Gasoline 0.75

Wrought Aluminum 2.70 2.65 2.75 Glass 2.60 Alcohol 0.79

The above analysis on the price list of hardware and building materials, and the specific content of hardware, building materials and density are introduced here, I hope these will help everyone. If you still don't understand where you can pay attention to more news, if you want to learn more about this news, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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