Fingerprint password lock advantages and disadvantages

Fingerprint password technology is a major trend in the development of locks. The use of fingerprint locks represents fashion, dignity and atmosphere. Fashion design and generous. As a high-end lock, Fingerprint Lock has European-style, Chinese-style, elegant retro and other styles of appearance, the surface technology also uses a number of gold-plated, copper, chromium and other processes, such as the general fine art. In addition, intelligent anti-peeping and unique virtual password input methods are also popular in the market.

What is the advantage of fingerprint password lock?

1. Security: The key of an ordinary mechanical lock can be copied. The owner does not trust the owner after use. The fingerprint has uniqueness. There are no two complete fingerprints in the world.

2. Convenience: It is not necessary to carry the key with you and it is the key that will never be lost. A person's fingerprint will not change for the rest of his life. Once the fingerprint is entered, he can use it for his entire life. And one can input fingerprints of different fingers. Touch to open it, unlock it.


3, expandability: can accommodate 199 fingerprints, but you can easily register the input fingerprint, delete the fingerprint, the fingerprint management is very convenient, compared with the ordinary mechanical lock eliminating the need to prepare the key and the key to the annoyance, especially for office use Housing and rental rooms.

4, can set 8 groups of passwords, and have a password to prevent peeping. And fast operation, password can be replaced at any time.

5, long-term maintenance-free: the use of ordinary mechanical lock life is short, and easy to emerge during the application of failure, had to break into the door, and fingerprint locks do not emerge on the basis of failure.

6. The recognition rate is high: the rejection rate is less than 1%, the recognition rate is less than one millionth, and the fingerprint can be correctly compared within 360°.

7, fashion: fingerprint password technology is the direction of lock development, the use of fingerprint password lock represents the fashion, noble, cutting-edge. Fashion design and generous.

What are the disadvantages of fingerprint password lock?

1. Some people or some groups have few fingerprint features and are difficult to image.

2. Each time the fingerprint is used, the fingerprint of the user is left on the fingerprint collecting head, and these fingerprint traces are used to copy the fingerprint.

3, password lock stability and durability without a strong mechanical password.

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