Security door fingerprint lock price is the number of anti-theft door fingerprint lock advantages and disadvantages

Nowadays, in the age of science and technology, fingerprint locks are nothing new. They are favored by consumers because of their convenient, fast, safe, and accurate features that traditional locks do not have. So as the first contact with the anti-theft door fingerprint lock consumers, must want to understand the security door fingerprint lock price and advantages and disadvantages, the following small series for everyone commentary commentary.

The advantages and disadvantages of security door fingerprint lock


1, security

This point is beyond doubt. Its emerging products are naturally safer than traditional locks. Fingerprints are unique features of the human body. They have the unique and non-replicable advantages. They can be used on locks and can be assured.

2. Convenience

It allows you to no longer worry about forgetting to bring your key or lost problems. It saves you a lot of hassle. A fingerprint is available for life, touch is on and unlocked.

3, fashion

It is a new product, the appearance must be suitable for the trend of the times, but also more in line with modern home, has a stylish, noble, atmospheric characteristics, with European style, Chinese style, retro and elegant and other styles, such as fine art, in addition to Intelligent anti-peeping and unique virtual password input method design are also popular in the market.


1, too many locks

We also learned in daily life that unlocking methods include remote control, fingerprints, passwords, faces, telephones, and text messages. In fact, the more modes, the worse the security, and the stability is also easy to discount.

2, the stability is not high

It is a combination of high-tech products. Its lock core and circuit design are all related to the stability of the lock. When selecting, we should choose the products produced by professional manufacturers, generally have a longer design and manufacturing experience. Simple and stable, practical.

3, fingerprint recognition rate needs to be improved

A few people's fingerprints can not be identified, or need to be repeatedly identified, so many businesses are gradually improving in this regard, so that more than 98% of people can easily use.

Analysis of Security Door Fingerprint Locks

Such locks are naturally higher in price than traditional ones, usually ranging from RMB 3,000 to 5,000. Ordinary families are acceptable. If necessary, it is recommended that you should buy one. After all, security should always be ranked first. .

Summary: The above is Xiaobian today brought us the price of anti-theft door fingerprint lock , I believe that my friends also have a certain understanding, about the security door fingerprint lock price we can refer to, I hope this article is helpful to you.

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