Customized overall wardrobe advantages and disadvantages have long known

The wardrobe is one of the indispensable furniture in our life. The wardrobe is the best storage tool for us to store clothes. With the development of personalization, more and more consumers choose to customize the whole wardrobe for their own home. While this is good, but everything must have its pros and cons, so the custom whole wardrobe also has drawbacks, the following advantages and disadvantages of small series Introduction custom whole wardrobe for you.


Customized overall wardrobe advantages

1. Save space. Customized wardrobes can be designed according to the layout of the bedroom, with limited space, avoiding the narrow space of the bedroom or the inability to use the corners.

2, personalized. Customized overall wardrobes can be designed according to the owner's personal preferences and styles. The internal layout can also be cut according to actual needs, so that the space will be increased and unnecessary space will be avoided. What will the owners think?

3, you can move at will. Because it is a customized relationship, it can be moved according to the situation of the bedroom, it will not be fixed, and it can be easily assembled, moved, and so on. The owner can move the closet there and be able to move there, or add some accessories to move


Customized overall wardrobe shortcomings

1. There are many unprofessional situations. Customized overall wardrobes are mainly done according to the requirements of customers. Designers and woodworkers have no right to modify them. Some owners are not professionally engaged in wardrobes. They can only find problems in the wardrobe according to individual requirements.

2, the price is more expensive. Because it is a custom relationship, you need to buy materials specifically, please ask the master to do it, so the cost of the cost is relatively expensive, and finally the price of the overall wardrobe will be higher. Some people have calculated that the price of a custom-made wardrobe may be about 30% more expensive than buying a ready-made wardrobe.

3. The layout is unreasonable. The owner may simply complete the self-requirement, resulting in a lot of space in the closet not being used, the layout is not reasonable, and it is easy to waste.


The above related content of the custom overall wardrobe advantages and disadvantages will be introduced to this first, after reading, I believe you have a certain understanding of the custom overall wardrobe, more information, please pay attention to GO Jiaju

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