[Comprehensive] It is imperative to fight against fakes in the field of safety production.

Another year of “3.15′′, we have seen and witnessed various false phenomena in the safety supervision work at the grassroots level. The author thinks that it is necessary to raise and arouse great concern.

Safe production is related to people's life, property, safety and social stability. It must not be false, it must be "zero tolerance," and it urgently needs to strike out, completely eliminate and eradicate such vices.

To solve the problem of counterfeiting in the field of safety production, we must first start from the establishment of the establishment of regulations. Strengthen the control of the source, leading cadres should earnestly shoulder the responsibility of the first person responsible for safety production, keep self-discipline at all times, start by improving the professionalism of managers, and constantly strengthen business skills training and strengthen awareness of responsibility.

Secondly, it is necessary to actively create a good atmosphere for safe production, seeking truth and being pragmatic, improve the transparency of safety management work, set up counterfeit reporting letters and mailboxes, unblock reporting channels, and place safety management under the sun, and crack down on counterfeiters. Responsibility, public exposure. We must keep abreast of the times and identify the true and false, seriously organize related personnel to learn safety production laws and regulations and supervision of common sense, and practice a pair of anti-counterfeit awareness of the "hot eyes."

The third is to vigorously publicize the dangers of counterfeiting in production safety, analyze the causes of counterfeiting, identify internal and external factors, break their sources, prevent counterfeit coping with countermeasures under the policy, and fully implement “four non-two”, “ The "double-random" method of spot checks supervises the practice of counterfeiting, which is inorganic and profitable, so that counterfeiters have nowhere to hide.

At the 8th China International Occupational Safety and Occupational Health Exhibition, China Labor Protective Equipment Alliance announced that "China's labor protection products traceability system" was formally promoted for use. Blue Sky has become the first company to enter the "product traceability system" of the China Labor Protection Union.

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