Install a smart lock for your parents!

When we grow up day by day,
Parents are slowly getting older!
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Sometimes we are very immature and we are abandoning our parents.
Say how parents always don’t remember,
In fact, our parents are old,
The memory is no longer clear,
At that moment, we should put up our complaints about our parents.
Be a crutches, keys, and memory around your parents!
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Do you still remember that every time you go out,
Parents are always more busy than themselves,
I will always see you again:
Key, ID card, mobile phone, wallet,
So we always remember the door to go home!
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As the age increases,
Parents’ memory is getting worse and worse.
Often forget the door to go home,
It’s our turn to remind our parents.
Remember: the key, the phone, the way home!
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I don't know if you still remember this picture?
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If you throw a trash downstairs, you will forget to bring the key.
Going out to take the newspaper and accidentally closing the door,
A lot of carelessness, let our parents lock out.
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There is a naughty child at home.
I often let the old man turn around and confuse.
The child is playing with the keys,
As a result, the elderly often cannot find the key.
Sometimes young people are busy with their work.
Also forget where the key is,
The tricks of changing the door, changing the lock and keying are always repeated.
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My parents are old and their vision is not good.
The traditional mechanical lock keyhole is small.
Parents fumbled and watched for a long time,
It is also impossible to insert the key into the keyhole.
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The old man has a bad memory and forgets to lock the door!
The thief can take the opportunity to steal the property in the house!
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Come back from the supermarket,
Always big bags,
The old man has to hold his grandson again.
It’s really empty to get the key to open the door.
in fact,
Smart fingerprint locks are best for the elderly.
With a smart fingerprint lock,
Don't worry that the TAs are locked out of the door.
Don't worry about the risk of TAs losing their keys.
Caring for the details is the truest love.
Your intimacy is the biggest concern for your parents!

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