Aluminum price formula

Aluminum price formula

[China Aluminum Network] From the technical point of view, aluminum plates are usually rectangular plates rolled from aluminum ingots, which can be divided into pure aluminum plates, alloy aluminum plates, thin aluminum plates, medium-thick aluminum plates, and patterned aluminum plates.

There are different classification methods for aluminum plates. Common classification methods are classified according to thickness, which can be roughly divided into thin plates 0.15-2.0, conventional plates (2.0-6.0 mm), medium plates (6.0-25.0 mm), and thick plates (25- 200mm), super thick aluminum plate (above 200mm).

Then, how do aluminum plates of different thicknesses and alloys be priced? ©Price calculation of aluminum plates can be divided into the following basic steps:

1. First confirm the volume of the purchased aluminum plate, that is, detailed information about the thickness, width, length, etc. Calculated in meters as the basic unit.

2, aluminum plate volume * density of aluminum (2.71), that is the length * thickness * width * 2.71, calculate the weight of each aluminum plate (ton), and then multiply the number of aluminum plates, such as 300, 500, the result is this batch The total weight of the aluminum plate.

3. The price of aluminum ingots on the day, plus the processing fee of the product produced by the manufacturer, is the exact price per ton for this type of aluminum sheet.

4 The tonnage of the required product, multiplied by the price per ton of aluminum, is the exact price of the product.

We use 500 pieces of 8mm thick, 60mm wide, 1200mm long aluminum sheet for example, you can first calculate the weight of the product is: 0.08*0.6*1.2*2.71**500=7.8 tons.

If the price of aluminum ingots is 12,000 on that day and the processing fee for aluminum sheet manufacturers is 5000 per ton, then the price quoted by the aluminum sheet manufacturer is (12000+5000)*7.8=117,000=13.26 million.

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