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“Now we often see formaldehyde levels that are not up to standard. Although plate furniture is a lot cheaper, we feel that wood furniture is more reliable.” Ms. Li recently convinced her family to buy nearly twice the budget when purchasing dinner tables. A solid wooden dining table chair. The reporter visited a home store and found that, driven by the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection, solid wood furniture is once again being sought after by more and more consumers and revived with new vitality, but prices have gone up.

In the major home stores to see, solid wood furniture is very rich in materials, including various types of mahogany, beech, ash, pine and many other. Due to the problem of formaldehyde release caused by the use of adhesives for sheet metal furniture, consumers who focus on environmental protection have turned their attention to solid wood furniture. The sales data of national shopping mall furniture released by Red Star Magellan shows that among the furniture categories sold in the first half of the year, the sales of solid wood furniture rose rapidly, and the wood furniture fell significantly.

"Actually, I personally preferred some solid wood furniture." Miss Li loved the natural wood-colored pine furniture of a home store. "This style and texture are my favorite," she said. Her family members also have different opinions. Renovation furniture will be replaced in a few years, and the price for buying plates will be cheaper. Even if it is not good to handle new ones, it will not be too distressing. “I collected some news about formaldehyde exceeding the standard for family members. If you don't buy well, you won't be able to buy anything that is healthier," she said. Although she also knows that there is a specific test method for releasing formaldehyde, it is "too troublesome and We are not professionals. Even if a test report is given to me, I may not necessarily understand it."

With regard to Miss Li’s view, the sales staff of the brand's solid wood furniture strongly agree. “Only our pure solid wood furniture will dare to say that we have zero formaldehyde. As long as we use plates, we have adhesives, and that’s not sure. ".

However, it is understood that in the home market, many brands of solid wood furniture prices have risen, and even individual brands are not pure solid wood, use some of the plates also advertise themselves as solid wood furniture, or a series of most of the solid wood, individual The components are used in panels and are also collectively referred to as "solid wood series". According to the "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture" standard, solid wood furniture is usually divided into three categories: pure solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, and solid wood veneer furniture. Only all parts and components are made of solid wood furniture can be called pure solid wood furniture; solid wood furniture is also called board wood combined furniture, which is the table, table (chair) legs and other frames using solid wood, side panels, bottom, top, partitions and other parts The furniture made of wood-based panels (density boards, chipboards, etc.) are all made of wood-based panels; solid wood veneer furniture is made of artificial panels and the surface is decorated with solid wood veneers.

Solid wood children furniture parents willing to "pay the bill"

“Other rooms may be used to buy some plates and furniture. The premise of course is that the brand is relatively trustworthy. However, in the furniture for children's rooms, we must choose pure wood,” Mr. Ma said. He believes that the formaldehyde that may exceed the standard in the board is particularly harmful to children, so be particularly careful, "Anyway, children's room furniture does not need a lot, the wood is expensive, the key is to use it with confidence."

It is understood that the main source of children's room pollution is reflected in children's furniture, the crux of the problem is mainly plate furniture, surface paint and so on. Parents need to pay attention to the fact that lower levels of formaldehyde, benzene, etc. may also affect children's health, especially children under 5 years of age. Experts remind that the release of formaldehyde is the main cause of increased asthma in children under 5 years of age. Prolonged exposure to low-dose formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases and eye diseases. If it is a pregnant mother, it may lead to pregnancy syndrome, neonatal malformation, and mental depression.

At present, the plate children's furniture materials on the market are mostly medium density boards and particle board, and only some well-known children furniture brands use pine wood and other glulam materials. "Because the use of binders in MDF and particleboard is very large, the health problems of excessive formaldehyde and other harmful substances in children's furniture are more serious than other furniture," an industry source said. In addition, the brighter the paint is, the more heavy metals such as lead it contains are mainly caused by the lead compounds contained in the paint pigment.

Professionals remind consumers to buy children's furniture, first of all to pay attention to the material is a combination of pure wood or wood, there are many differences in the price; Second, pure solid wood furniture should also pay attention to whether all the use of the advertised timber, to prevent the parts Be a bargain-hunting fish eye; In addition, children's furniture should pay attention to the edge, cutting-edge and opening and closing and other security issues, and it is best not to choose the color is too fancy and bright style.

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