What should be considered when forming an automatic packaging production line?

With the continuous development of technology, the packaging process should also carry out packaging operations such as inner packaging, outer packaging, transportation packaging, etc., and combine these independent automatic or semi-automatic packaging equipment and auxiliary equipment according to the order of packaging technology. Packaging line.
In order to further improve the productivity, on the basis of the assembly line, appropriate automatic control, detection, adjustment devices, automatic feeding and conveying devices are arranged, so that the packaged articles can automatically complete the entire packaging process according to the established process and a certain number of beats. The entire packaging process does not require the clock to participate in the operation, only need to complete the boot, fault bundle adjustment and maintenance, control, etc., this production line is called automatic packaging line.
The purpose of using the automatic packaging line is: 1 to improve labor productivity, 2 to improve the quality of packaging products, 3 to reduce the labor intensity of workers, 4 to reduce the floor space, 5 to reduce the cost of packaging products. Generally, it is advisable to use automatic packaging lines in the production of small varieties and large quantities.
Issues to consider when forming an automated packaging line :
1. The shape, holding properties, packaging materials, etc. of the package must be thoroughly studied in advance. It is necessary to consider whether the packaged articles can enter the next process in a stable and normal state, and in particular, the unstable shape of the package is prone to abnormal transfer phenomenon, and is also liable to cause malfunction.
2, set up a buffer between the machines, the more the number of connected packaging equipment, in theory, the lower the total operating rate. Therefore, in order to prevent a decrease in the operation rate, a buffer unit is provided at a connection portion between the machines.
3. The inner packaging machine and the outer packaging machine should match. As an outer packaging for transport packaging, it is common to collect several to dozens of inner-packaged goods into one outer package. Therefore, the inner package-outer package automatic line is generally connected by a plurality of inner packaging machines and one outer packaging machine. The packaging capacity of the outer packaging machine depends on the ability of the inner packaging machine to discharge the merchandise to the outer packaging machine.
The solution of the problem and the achievement of the goal will inevitably make the application of the automated packaging production line more and more extensive, and also provide more benefits for the product packaging of various industries.

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