On-board DVR seismic design and fault-tolerant error correction design

Car DVR inherits the networked and intelligent technology development direction of ordinary embedded hard disk recorders. In addition, the car DVR products should have GPS satellite positioning function and other functions that are in line with the traffic industry.

For automotive hard disk recorders, the first thing to do is to narrow down the dynamic voltage and current. How to ensure the normal operation of the car DVR, a stable voltage and current is very important, but on the other hand, the input power of the device is fixed, by W = U * I know, the voltage is changing when the current is changing, the voltage is The direction of change of current is always the opposite. So if the starting voltage is lower, the relative starting current will increase. Macro is simple, but can do this function and ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it may need a lot of efforts, the first is to protect the circuit design, to know that the car DVR power board within 1 hour to When subjected to hundreds of shocks, the protection circuit does not perform well, and if the power board is damaged, the power board is directly damaged and the motherboard is burned.

Anti-seismic design : The seismic design of the on-board DVR is very important. It is actually how to protect the hard disk. Because current hard disks are mechanical spindle hard disks, the distance between the read/write head and the disk surface is only a few microns. If you look with the naked eye, the read/write head is attached to the disk surface, but even if you do not understand the hard disk, you should understand that 5400 The rotating hard disk must be rotated at least 90 times per second. If the read/write head is attached to it, the read/write head will be worn out before long. Such a close distance, if the earthquake is not doing well, as long as the read-head has a little bit of trembling, if the hard disk is bad, then the head is crashed (hard disk term). So the hardware earthquake is very important.

Fault-tolerant and error-correction design : The fault-tolerant and error-correcting capability of hard disks is a difficult problem that the IT hardware industry and the software industry have been trying to solve since the hard disks were available. For an embedded system, it is difficult to achieve a very perfect fault-tolerant and error-correcting design. However, the intention of the embedded system design is that the embedded system is originally designed for the pursuit of better stability and execution speed, but there is a problem that cannot be ignored that is poor portability, resulting in a design that cannot be too Big change. So its first design idea is very important. Embedded systems for hard disk fault tolerance error correction, the current effective way is to read and write control capabilities.

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