Ten Misunderstandings in Energy Saving Technology for Building Curtain Walls and Doors and Windows

Abstract: Europe has developed high-performance system doors and windows as early as the 1980s, and its energy-saving performance, safety performance and comfort far exceed ordinary doors and windows. European system doors and windows entered the Chinese market in the late 1990s. Now the high-performance system door and window K value standard in Europe can reach 0.8, and its energy consumption is basically only 1/4 of the energy consumption of building doors and windows in China.

Most people think that the purchase of the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows, pay attention to the quality of the obvious parts of doors and windows such as aluminum, glass, accessories, etc., but do not understand the professional performance requirements of doors and windows, more concerned about product quality, cost-effective In other factors, the initial consumption ideology is that high-quality doors and windows of the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows are equal to high-performance doors and windows.

High quality doors and windows = high quality profiles + glass + accessories strips + processing technology + installation process +...

High-performance doors and windows = high-performance profiles × glass × accessories strips × processing technology × installation process ×...

Therefore: high quality doors and windows, high performance doors and windows

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people have clear requirements for the quality and performance of the house. The energy-saving performance, safety performance, noise reduction, sun protection, comfort and durability of building doors and windows are increasingly valued. In addition to paying attention to the quality of obvious parts such as aluminum, glass and fittings, the door and window products of the building pay more attention to the realization of a comprehensive performance after the combination of these door and window components.

The real system door and window is a perfect organic combination of performance system, which needs to consider a series of important aspects such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sunshade, weather resistance and operation feel. The function, but also consider the comprehensive results of the performance of equipment, profiles, fittings, glass, adhesives, seals, all indispensable, and ultimately form high-performance system doors and windows.

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