Anti-theft Alarm System Human Development Trend Analysis

The modern anti-theft alarm system should be combined with different detection technologies (such as: biological temperature, thermal conductivity, electronic motor, imaging technology, etc.) to prevent intrusion. In the detection method, there are infrared, sonic, microwave, magnetic contact and image vision detection methods. The use of existing telephone networks or wireless mobile phone GSM network, through wireless or wired transmission methods, connecting telephones or mobile phones to achieve remote anti-theft monitoring electronic technology products.

A set of anti-theft alarm system equipment in the product measurement, unless there is a real scene and the environment to carry out simulation tests, otherwise I have to admit that the actual alarm host or detector performance can only be considered functional verification and not Complete testing, today's anti-theft alarm system has made great progress, whether it is in the appearance or function quality, the requirements for the function is even more, with the content of the three different types of anti-theft alarm system, Let's analyze the content of the anti-theft alarm system at this stage.

Anti-theft alarm host and control panel technology upgrade

After many years of development, the anti-theft alarm system has entered a mature period. The miniaturization and refinement of the product's appearance have been unable to continue to meet the needs of customers. The diversity of functions and the stability of performance have attracted more and more attention. For example, intrusion detection requires rapid response to instant intrusion events, or it may cause major losses. Therefore, excellent anti-theft alarm products should seek balance in both performance and reliability. In detection technology, "infrared + XX" dual or triple detection technology can be used to minimize the false alarm rate. In addition, if the host is equipped with an embedded MCU or a micro-processing CPU technology, the function of the anti-theft alarm host can be upgraded to a more diverse interface. On the control panel, from the point of view of this test product, it is refined. Simplified control operations and control of moving the interface remotely are inevitable. With different access control interfaces, the control panel is no longer a rigid keyboard. The burglar alarm control panel and the control panel have also been greatly improved in the mechanism of preventing intrusion and vandalism. We can see the design of the combination lock cover plate and the structure of the exterior material structure that emphasizes the resistance to violence and weathering. All this has been highlighted. The overall anti-theft alarm system technology improvements.

Anti-theft alarm system development humane

As people's living standards have greatly increased, in real life, the technology of anti-theft alarm systems can also be applied to provide personalized medical alarm services. Existing operators have launched a remote medical care response system solution in response to the development trend of aging in China. Through the features of the LCD screen, keys, and call keys of the anti-theft alarm panel, after the user presses a key, he or she can directly communicate with the security service center or relatives without using a telephone. The system can also instantly discover information such as user falls, activities, etc., and has a variety of event voice reminders such as regular medication reminders. In addition, the latest anti-theft alarm host system can also be equipped with a variety of Bluetooth medical equipment such as an electrocardiogram monitor, a blood glucose meter, a blood pressure monitor, a weight scale, and the like, which can be used to instantly detect the user's blood glucose and electrocardiogram. Such physiological conditions, and through the alarm control host, the user's physiological status (electrocardiogram, blood glucose, blood pressure) information transmitted to the remote medical staff for home care.

Anti-theft alarm system integration and application

Integration is a major development trend in security systems, and burglar alarm systems are no exception. In fact, the integration of anti-theft alarm systems with other security subsystems such as image surveillance and access control systems is not new. In recent years, as it has gradually expanded its applications to residential and community communities, it has also begun to integrate smart homes, but these are only It is the simplest and most basic integration. In addition, it is also possible to perform linkage between burglar alarm and image monitoring. At present, only the output interface of the front-end detector is connected by hardware and the alarm-alarm input interface of the image monitoring is connected. When an abnormal situation occurs, The preset linkage mode performs image alarm linkage to realize video playback and hard disk recording.

Another example is the integration of information with software platforms. In addition to hardware integration, software integration is the focus of integration between various anti-theft alarm subsystems. In the integration of various systems, the key point at present is how to solve the interaction and processing of information between systems.

In the meantime, the latest anti-theft alarm integration requirements must achieve multiple alarm network coexistence methods. Anti-theft alarm network has an easily confusing meaning, that is, the alarm controller and the control center network, with the alarm detector and controller Networking, confused. In fact, the alarm networking method includes both wired and wireless, such as connection* or wireless GSM phone notification, and the connection between the alarm detector and the control host, and the wireless is dedicated wireless, such as infrared or Zigbee, etc., not the telecom operators. Wireless platform provided. In terms of importance, the networking of alarm controllers and control centers is the key to system integration. In recent years, with the prevalence of IP networks, many alarm controller manufacturers have begun to use wired or wireless IP network networking, but actually see the networking applications due to the closed environment of the use of TCP/IP. The way the network is currently used has not grown significantly.

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