Electric lock operation precautions!


Many electric locks have many other connections besides the power interface cable. Of particular concern is the lock status line and the door status line. The lock status connection can provide lock closure information, and can be linked to the digital input interface of the access control system. View the closed state of the lock in real time. The door status connection is a good substitute for the problem of installing door magnets separately, which reduces installation costs, improves system efficiency, and better guarantees the aesthetics of architectural decoration.

Open and close delay settings

Many electric locks have a special delay setting jumper or dialing device, which can set the delay time of the electric lock. However, most of the access control and intercom systems also have a delay setting function, so it must be comprehensively considered when installing the electric lock. Delay setting.

Electric lock power

There are many kinds of electric locks, there will be some differences in the current and voltage needed, and the number of electric locks managed by each access controller will be more. At present, many low- and medium-end access control products will directly supply power to the electric lock. I think this is not the case. It is worth recommending that the power configuration of the access controller is usually based on the load of the controller itself. If the electric lock is driven, the controller may be unstable or even damaged. The distance between the second electric lock and the access controller is also With uncertainty, long-distance power supply may also lead to abnormal operation of the electric lock. Third, frequent opening and closing of the electric lock during use may result in instability of the current and voltage. If the power is supplied directly from the controller, this current Fluctuations in voltage can cause damage to the controller. This loss is unforgivable regardless of the value of equipment or the level of security required. It is suggested that regardless of the size of the system, the power supply of the electric lock must be separately configured, and no matter how the access control and the intercom system are controlled, it is recommended to use the relay isolation method for the opening and closing control of the electric lock to ensure the maximum degree of electric lock current and control of the host current. Isolated.

ECO application

One of the more popular system inspection indicators at present is ECO, which is the so-called environmental protection, energy saving, and ecological application. The power consumption of a single electric lock may be very inconspicuous to users and contractors, but it faces a large number of intelligent buildings. One hundred or even thousands of electric lock applications, electric lock power consumption is not a small number, so in the building intelligent system of electric lock applications, whether from the operating cost or environmental protection point of view, ECO indicators can not be ignored .

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