What is the bathroom floor waterproofing practice?

What is the bathroom floor waterproofing practice? The decoration of the bathroom is very important. Everyone will say "Jin Kitchen Silver Guard". It can be seen that the decoration of the bathroom is very important. How should the toilet floor waterproofing practice be done? This is a question that everyone will be more concerned about. In order to let everyone know this kind of problem, then the website Xiaobian will tell you about what is the practice of toilet floor waterproofing?

First of all, the detailed steps of the toilet waterproof practice, first of all to the treatment of the smooth ground, which is what everyone said, "ground leveling." Only after leveling, can the waterproof material be in good contact with the ground, fully absorbed by the ground, and cover the ground. 2. Apply waterproof material on the floor and walls. The waterproof material on the ground should be a very thick layer, and the walls should be painted with waterproof. If your wall is not a load-bearing wall, you must make a waterproof layer on the wall to prevent water from leaking to the next door. 3, cover the ground, cover the waterproof material, be sure to do solid. 4, paste the tiles, do a good job of sealing. It will be very good to do this.

Second, when doing the waterproof layer, it should pay attention to whether the waterproof coating is even, the thickness of the waterproof layer should be more than 1.5mm, pay attention to the dead angle, joints and make waterproof treatment. After the completion of the construction, a 24-hour water-blocking test should be conducted: Block all sewers in the toilet, build a 25cm-high canopy at the entrance, and inject water at a height of 20cm. After 24 hours, observe whether or not water leakage occurs. There should be timely repairs.

Third, why do toilets have to be waterproof? Because of the relatively large water mobility of toilets, domestic sewage, bath water, etc., a lot of water must go through here, so the toilet must be made of waterproof, otherwise it will Bring bad influence to your home and others' homes. Therefore, everyone should try to choose a better waterproof material when doing waterproofing, so that it will not cause trouble for later life.

What is the practice of bathroom floor waterproofing? The above points are the summary of this website for everyone, I believe we will have a certain understanding after reading, so that everyone will be a very good choice when choosing. Of course, if you have any good ideas or suggestions, you can propose to share it with everyone. Finally, I wish you all can make your own bathroom waterproof very well.

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