Material selection of environmentally friendly wire and cable

The material includes insulating material, conductor material, and shielding material. Insulation such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), irradiated cross-linked polyvinyl chloride (XL-PVC), irradiated cross-linked polyethylene (XL-PE), Halogen-free, silicone rubber, Teflon Telflon and more. The environmental protection of insulating materials is currently mainly based on the EU RoHS environmental protection directive and the EU's environmental protection regulations for children's toys, which do not contain 6P (Non-6P), that is, phthalate-free. Now the most environmentally friendly is low-smoke and halogen-free, completely free of halogen elements.

The most common conductor material is copper. Copper has bare copper (called brass, red copper), tinned copper, silver-plated copper wire, etc. These types are essentially copper, but the surface is plated with other substances. Copper clad aluminum and copper clad have just appeared on the market. If the electrical performance requirements are high, naturally copper is the best. The environmental protection of conductors is mainly required to be free of heavy metals (RoHS).

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Label: Material selection for environmentally friendly wire and cable

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