Five new wall decoration materials, the wall of the new house is so beautifully decorated

When decorating a new house, many people not only pay attention to the internal quality, but also have strict requirements for the external appearance. Nowadays, there are many types of new wall decoration materials, and the decoration effect of each type is also different. I do n’t know if you have known it? Today I will introduce five new wall decoration materials to you. The noodles are absolutely beautiful.

Five new wall decoration materials

1. Facing stone

When decorating interior walls, facing stone is a good choice. It brings a grand feeling to the entire interior. Although the decorative effect is better, it has serious environmental problems, so it is basically not used in homes.

2. Wall covering

Wall coverings are widely used, and can be seen in many homes. Not only does it make the entire room look atmospheric, but also full of fashion sense, the effect is excellent, so it is loved by most consumers.

3. Brushing materials

This type of material is basically used for interior walls. The main advantage is that it has the advantage of low price compared with other coatings. But the decorative effect is not so good, and the service life is not very long.

4. Diatom mud

Speaking of wall decoration materials, many people think of diatom mud, which has many advantages, not only can adjust the indoor humidity, but also can absorb formaldehyde to a certain extent, is a non-toxic and odorless environmentally friendly product.

5. Liquid wallpaper

Many people do n’t know very much about liquid wallpaper. In fact, it is a water-based paint. It can design various patterns on the wall, and the price is not so expensive.

The walls of the new house are much better decorated like this

1. When decorating the interior wall, you can also use the light to achieve an overall desired effect. The light at this time not only plays the role of lighting, but also makes the space look more layered.

2. When matching soft clothes, you need to consider the overall style of the interior, so that it can be matched with the atmosphere created by the wall, and the effect is better. It should be noted here that the selected soft outfit cannot be exaggerated, otherwise it will cause adverse effects.

3. When decorating the interior walls, if you want to make the overall effect look better and have a stronger texture vision, then when choosing materials, you can mainly use the texture of the uneven texture.

4. When decorating the wall, leaving the wall blank is the easiest thing to forget and forget. Many people do not know the effect it brings, far exceeding the money decorated by other colors.

Editor's conclusion: After reading the five new wall decoration materials and the decoration of the new house wall, how do you feel now? When decorating the wall, you can choose materials according to your own ideas and interior style. The effect of this decoration is obviously enhanced.

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