Egyptian plastic and rubber products exports increased

According to relevant reports, the report of the Chemical Products and Fertilizer Export Association of Egypt shows that from January to April 2018, the country's exports of plastics and rubber products reached 5.3919 billion US dollars, an increase of 27% over the same period of 2017 ($4.2618 billion).
It is reported that the export of plastics and rubber products accounts for 32.6% of the export of chemical products.
Of this, $44.15 million was exported to Belgium, $31.88 million was exported to Italy, and $28.14 million was exported to Spain.
At the same time, Egypt also exported US$20.59 million in plastic machine rubber products to the UK.
China, Germany, France, Iraq, and Sudan are also major importers of such items, with imports totaling $19.08 million, $17.77 million, $15.1 million, $18.65 million, and $16.6 million.

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