When can Chinese ceramics achieve a strong national dream?

Abstract Recently, some media reports: "Made in China" and Chinese goods have been pursuing the trend in recent years, especially in the fields of high technology, IT technology, etc., and therefore have been "vigilant" by some foreign counterparts...
Recently, some media reported that "Made in China" and Chinese goods have been pursuing the trend in recent years, especially in the fields of high technology and IT technology, and thus have been "vigilant" by some foreign counterparts. According to South Korea’s “Central Daily News” reported on January 14, the Korea Trade Association said on the 13th that with the export market share as the benchmark, 26 Korean products were squeezed out of the world’s number one position in 2011 last year, and 12 of them. The products were overtaken by Chinese products. The Central Daily News believes that the pursuit of Chinese technology not only threatens Korean exporters of parts and materials, but also poses a "threat" to the Korean economic foundation that has always maintained its profit trend toward China.

I am excited to see such information as a Chinese. Because our "Made in China" and Chinese goods are no longer the cheap, low-end products that people used to say. However, as a Chinese ceramics industry, we are really not happy because our “Made in China” Chinese ceramics are still the label for low-cost, low-end products. Even though we have technical and design products that can compete with the world's ceramic powerhouses, we can even surpass them, but our current situation is terrible, still more than a decade ago, and it is very much at the exhibition. Unpopular, even prohibiting Chinese people from taking pictures.

I am so sorrowful, I don’t know what it is like to be a builder in the ceramics industry. I think it is very painful and painful. Why is it painful? Because our products are no longer the products of the past, the development ability, competitiveness and production capacity of our products are no longer the situation after the sunset. We are now achieving zero breakthroughs in some areas, both in terms of production capacity and technology development process, and have reached the world level. You have no such pains when you have such a result and give you a low-end product.

Now why do you have to suffer? Because our products are really low prices. We have always been in vicious competition and have never been healthy. We all know that as long as there are companies in our country that develop hot new products, it will not take long for other companies to copy them, so the entire market is this product for some time. In the case of such product homogenization and unplanned expansion of production capacity, how can the whole environment be healthy? There is also an export enterprise. It is well known that our export is also based on price and exchanges for price. In these two unhealthy vicious cycles, let alone people do not recognize our products, and the image does not change. Sometimes we feel sad. It also produces high-quality bricks, and the money sold is two or three times lower than that of
Others. Isn't it painful? No wonder the fact that our ceramic industry is the murderer of the resources to sell offspring.

Nowadays, the Chinese smartphone company Huawei has launched a self-developed AP on a new smartphone launched at the International Consumer Electronics Show. The AP is a semiconductor chip equivalent to the brain of a smartphone. According to the report, most companies buy and use products from companies such as Qualcomm and Intel, while China manufactures APs independently. Not long ago, the only company in the world that will manufacture APs for smart phones is Samsung Electronics. I hope that in the future, our ceramics industry companies will be ashamed and brave. The products produced will be the core technology like Huawei smartphones, and make Chinese ceramics truly become a world-class product. "Made in China" is truly "Chinese-made". "upgrade.

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