Electrolytic manganese price factor

Electrolytic manganese metal is obtained by acid leaching of manganese ore to obtain manganese salt, and then sent to the electrolytic cell for electrolysis. Manganese and manganese alloys are one of the indispensable important raw materials for the iron and steel industry, aluminum alloy industry, magnetic material industry, and chemical industry. Therefore, the price of electrolytic manganese has always been the focus of business attention.

The factors affecting the price of electrolytic manganese include supply and demand, electricity and raw materials. Since electrolytic manganese producers are generally concentrated in the south, they usually rely on water power generation. Therefore, the wet season and the dry season have a large impact on electricity, and are closely related to the production of electrolytic manganese. Usually from April to October every year, there is plenty of rain, electricity is good, and production is relatively normal. In other months, due to the reduction of rainfall resulting in power shortages, the factory output will be reduced accordingly.

Generally, the appearance of electrolytic manganese is iron. It is irregular and flaky. It is strong and brittle. It is bright on one side and rough on the other. It is silver-white to brown and silver-gray after processed into powder. It is easily oxidized in the air and dissolves in the presence of dilute acid. It displaces hydrogen and, when slightly above room temperature, decomposes water and releases hydrogen. The purity of electrolytic manganese is very high. Its role is to increase the hardness of the metal materials. The most widely used are manganese copper alloys, manganese aluminum alloys, and 200 series stainless steels. Manganese can increase the strength, toughness and wear resistance of these alloys. Sex and corrosion resistance.

According to the macroeconomic development trend of China's national economy and iron and steel industry, the special steel industry such as stainless steel is rising in 2005 and even in the future. Domestic stainless steel industry, production capacity, output and market demand are growing at a high speed. Stainless steel and other high-end products The demand for electrolytic manganese remains overall strong.

At the same time, as steel enterprises further increase the structural adjustment and optimization of steel products, China’s stainless steel, Youte Steel and other high value-added, high-tech high-quality steel products will have a substantial increase in output. It is no doubt that electrolytic manganese is high. The consumption of quality steel smelting will also have a relatively large incremental space. Electrolytic manganese prices are also bound to look bullish.

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