The steps of design decoration explain the order of decoration

As we all know, the decoration of the house is first carried out is the interior decoration design. However, since most homeowners are decorating their own homes for the first time, they are ignorant of the design and decoration steps. So what is the order of renovation? Here we take a look at the basic steps of the renovation it!

Design and decoration of the first step: housing design

Before we renovate the house, we must let the professional designers come to inspect it, and let the designers have a general understanding of the overall structure of the house. And in the design process, we can also tell our designers their own ideas. Usually after one week, the designer will give you a picture of the house decoration. At this time we can give some advice to the designer. After the design plan is confirmed, the owners can negotiate prices with the decoration company. Remember that you must sign a contract after you have reached a unanimous agreement. In general, you have to pay 50% of the deposit to the decoration company.

Step two of design decoration: water, electricity, gas reform

When many developers build their houses, the pipeline materials used to save costs are poor. So in the decoration, we'd better replace it. The cost of the water pipe and the cost of the wire remodeling are included. However, if you want to reform the heating line, you will need to pay some additional fees.

Step three of design decoration: scrape white

Under normal circumstances, there are two layers of large white, the bottom is gypsum powder and large white powder, the outermost is latex paint. Usually latex paints have to go four or five times at least. Do not pay attention to the temperature of the room when hanging white, not too low, it is best to control at about 10 °C. Because of the low temperature, cracks can easily occur. At the time of this step, the owners also need to hand over 80 percent of the construction money to the decoration company.

Design and decoration of the fourth step: the installation of lamps

After the above steps have been completed, we will enter this section of the installation of lamps, switches and doors and windows. At the same time, some details of the renovation process need to be repaired. Usually, a simple decoration takes about a month and a half or two months. Of course, for this time, the owners can also increase or decrease the time according to the actual situation. And this time we should all the rest of the project money to the decoration company.

The article concludes: In the question of what is the order of renovations , after everyone has browsed the steps of designing and decorating , is it right? In fact, before the house decoration, the owners have a general understanding of the basic steps of the decoration. . In addition, if you want to learn more about the decoration, you can also exchange ideas with other people in the industry!

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