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Renovation is a systematic project. Most of the owners will be inclined to find a nearby decoration company to carry out renovation works. Because the nearby decoration company stores are close to each other, it is not only easy for the owners to inspect, but also facilitates future communication, and it is also possible to walk around the renovation site nearby. So how can we find a nearby decoration company ? How can you choose a decoration company that suits your family? Let us introduce you today.

First, how to find a nearby decoration company?

Many people are looking for decoration companies to follow the principle of proximity, but they do not know which decoration companies are nearby. In fact, we can have a lot of ways to find a nearby decoration company:

1, we can open the mobile phone Baidu or 360, search for nearby decoration company. Then squinting to see, these companies leave a message or comment, choose a few good decoration companies, preferably 3 or more, and then remember their company's name, then Baidu search into the official website of these companies, Look at the dynamics, profiles, and cases of their company websites;

2, see if you find out a few nearby decoration company whether there is a site close to you. Then, taking advantage of the exclusion, find a few companies with better intentions. Finally, they can go to the site of the nearby decoration company.

3, how to contact these nearby decoration company? General Baidu map above the store to stay on the phone is the company owner or front desk manager phone, so that you directly hit the past to answer the boss or the front desk phone, you will get better results.

Second, how to investigate after finding a decoration company nearby?

1, friends recommend to be cautious

Everyone knows that decorating the company's water is very deep, so it is recommended that you don’t rely on the nearby decoration companies introduced by your friends. If a friend is introduced to the decoration company, it is certainly good, but if the price is high, the quality is poor, the construction period is delayed, the investment is continuously increased, etc., the owner is not able to say anything, and the dispute is also embarrassing for the friend to control. Without a contract or a budget, it is very disadvantageous.

2, Do not blindly believe in advertising

Nowadays, television advertisements are flying all over the place. It is difficult to identify whether it is genuine or fake. When people are looking for a nearby decoration company, they cannot blindly believe in advertisements so as not to fall into the pit. It is recommended that you must personally check the original business license and qualification certificate; if it is a large company affiliated with some departments, we must take a look at the original corporate power of attorney; do not believe that the copy, a considerable part of fraudulent use of false business licenses and other qualifications or use Private seal; also see how the business site scale. Under normal circumstances, as long as we pay attention to these points, fake, self-proclaimed big companies will be exposed.

3, look at the nearby site do not believe model room

In order to increase trading volume, many nearby decoration companies will invite owners to visit their showrooms. After seeing the model room, many people decided to make a decision, but the final results were not satisfactory. Therefore, not only do we have to visit the model room, there are two others to look at. One is the construction site that is being constructed nearby. There is a clear overview of materials, semi-finished products, company management, and the quality of the workers. This will increase the company’s understanding of the company; For the site to be delivered, the site can reflect the usual level of the decoration company nearby, and can also see the gap between the general site and the model.

4, do not blindly greedy cheap

Some companies will introduce some discounts in order to facilitate the owners' ordering, but they will continue to increase during the renovation period. In general, a good decoration company is clearly priced, and it will never be easily adjusted or significantly reduced in price. Bargaining is a good part of the measurement, a penny and a cent. In the process of selecting a quotation, we must consider the price/performance ratio. It is not the cheapest or the best. At the same time, there may be problems with cutting corners.

Editor's summary: The nearby decoration company has the characteristics of proximity, convenience, and ease of inspection. After the owners have mastered the above methods, they can select a nearby decoration company that is suitable for their own home to begin design and decoration.

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