[Japanese Disaster Prevention Manual] Look at the Japan Disaster Prevention Manual (1) Earthquake drill

As we all know, the frequent occurrence of natural disasters in the island countries, earthquakes, floods and tsunami, etc., so the people living in dire straits (strokes) have a better sense of disaster prevention and resilience. This cannot be separated from the long-term propaganda and education of the Japanese government.

After I went to Tokyo, I realized that their work was really very hard--nothing, it was an imminent thing, and it was impossible to have an earthquake / tsunami / rainstorm tomorrow . There is not only a disaster prevention education center. Every school and unit regularly organizes learning and exercises, and there is also a disaster prevention mascot...

For example, a disaster prevention manual officially issued by the Tokyo government is a very, very, very comprehensive guide. This booklet is issued by the government free of charge and has a full Tokyo hand. People in other regions are also very cheap to buy if they want to buy it (according to the comments that Haitao is out of stock), but other regions in Japan should have their own disaster prevention guidelines...

Frankly speaking, this is really a good-looking, good-to-use manual... It is more exquisite than many books, very concise and clear, and the structure is clear... Its content is closer to the emergency rescue of urban disasters than other emergency guides. Demand.

Apart from the knowledge of disaster prevention and reduction, this is basically a home DIY emergency guide... many of them are very practical. Even without earthquake floods, many small tricks can be used in various situations, such as blackouts, water shortages, and lack of tools. Mosquito repellent, there is no mobile phone to bring boring and so on.

On the 13th, the Iran-Iran earthquake triggered international concern. Let's first look at how this disaster prevention manual has unique insights into the earthquake.

At the moment of an earthquake, to protect its own life as the main principle, how to unlock the correct posture of the shock absorber, and look at the following figure:

The shaking that occurred during the earthquake is telling you that if you are not a superman, do not leave the safe shelter because unclear objects in the sky and the sky can cause you to be injured.

Pay attention to the foot! Pay attention to the foot! Pay attention to the foot! Three important things to say.

How nasty the glass is! So be careful not to be scratched.

Have you ever played parkour games? Yes, you not only want to run fast, but also pay attention to the up and down obstacles.

Don't take the elevator! Safe exit is your goal!

If you have a lot of hands and hands, be sure not to panic and stamp your footsteps.

If the whole station or car? Surrender is your best way to avoid shocks.

Old drivers look at the map:

The large commercial plaza gives priority to protecting its own head while taking care not to be pushed into the stampede.

Why did the people of the island country like to surrender?

If eight wrong behaviors are you, how many will you commit?

This article comes from the "Japan Disaster Prevention Manual", which was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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