Common problems and solutions for tomato in the greenhouse in winter


Tomato fruit is slow

Analysis of the cause: The fruit does not expand, the root cause is insufficient nutrition.

1. Insufficient supply of inorganic nutrients, unreasonable use of fertilizer, too low or too high temperature, and untimely water supply will cause difficulties in the absorption of inorganic nutrients and insufficient supply of nutrients.

2. If the night temperature is too high, the organic nutrition is scarce. The higher the night temperature, the stronger the respiration, and the more organic nutrients need to be consumed.

3. The plant grows in length, reproductive growth and vegetative growth are not coordinated, causing uneven distribution of nutrients and inhibiting the normal growth of the fruit.

4. The management process is greedy.

5. The method of flowering and spraying is improper. It is easy to appear dead fruit early in the flowering, and it is also one of the reasons that affect the fruit expansion.


1. Appropriate topdressing of tomatoes in the fruiting period, focusing on phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer and less nitrogen fertilizer in fertilization.

2. The night temperature should be controlled as much as possible. The night temperature can be reduced by spraying water and reducing the heat storage of the shed, and the temperature difference between day and night can be extended to promote the organic nutrient accumulation of the plant. Continuous treatment for 7 to 10 days can also promote the reproductive growth of plants;

3. Foliar application of trace elements such as boron and calcium. According to the test, the foliar fertilizer is sprayed at a concentration of 1~2 times of the usual foliar surface, which can cause temporary growth of the plant leaves, and control the length.

4. Ensure fruit quality during the management process. The first spike should generally not exceed 3 fruits, otherwise it will affect the growth of the upper fruit and the growth of the whole plant. If the plant grows weakly, the first spike flower can also be removed, and the strong tree can be cultivated first.

Tomato does not take fruit

Cause Analysis:

1. Poor flower bud differentiation caused by excessive temperature. If the temperature in the shed exceeds 35 °C during flower bud differentiation, the flower bud differentiation will be poor or stagnant, which will result in a low fruit setting rate and difficulty in fruit setting. In addition, if the temperature is too high, pollination and fertilization are poor, and it may cause unsatisfactory fruit or a large number of deformed fruits.

2. Blindly increase fertilizer and water. Excessive watering at one time and excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer may cause excessive growth of vegetative growth and insufficient growth of reproduction, which makes the phenomenon of unsatisfactory fruit more prominent.

3. Soil boron deficiency or high temperature inhibits the absorption of boron by tomato, and boron deficiency during flower bud differentiation will seriously affect fruit setting.


1. From the beginning of the seedling stage, we must pay attention to the temperature problem, do not appear too high or too low temperature, so as not to cause poor flower bud differentiation, affecting the late flowering fruit.

2. The production can be controlled by foliar application of 750 times of auxin and 30 mg/kg of naphthaleneacetic acid to promote the transformation of vegetative growth to reproductive growth.

3. Before the flowering and fruit setting, 600 times of borax is used to spray the boron fertilizer on the foliar surface to increase the fruit setting rate of the vegetables.

Tomato drop

Cause Analysis:

1. The temperature in the early spring shed is low, especially when the night temperature of the flowering period is lower than 15 °C, the fruit of the opened flower often shows fruit drop phenomenon.

2. The plant grows too strong or too weak.

3. In the flowering or fruiting period, it encounters drought or water shortage or insufficient fertilizer supply, and it is easy to form a separation layer and fruit drop phenomenon.

4. The occurrence of phytotoxicity often leads to heavier fruit drop in tomatoes.


1. Adjust the temperature inside the shed, keep 25 ° C ~ 28 ° C during the day, 15 ° C ~ 18 ° C at night.

2. Cultivating robust plants and regulating the coordinated growth of various organs of plants are one of the important measures to prevent tomato fruit drop.

3. Maintain a balanced supply of water and fertilizer during the flowering or fruiting period. According to the soil moisture, timely watering, watering, small water pouring, film under the dark irrigation. And with the water to apply high-quality high-potassium compound fertilizer, about 15 kg per acre.

4. In the flowering and fruiting period, it is necessary to pay attention to the spraying, avoiding the use of drugs such as sclerotin, which are easy to produce phytotoxicity, and timely spraying the water or the 1500 times solution of the alizarin lactone to relieve the phytotoxicity.

5. If there are still many fruit drop phenomena on the basis of the above management operations, the fruit can be sprayed with sodium phthalocyanine acetate at a concentration of 30 mg/kg to alleviate the fruit drop problem.

Tomato green fruit

The phenomenon of “green skin” and “yellow skin” in greenhouse tomatoes is very serious. This kind of fruit has a very low taste and an unattractive appearance. It is extremely low in the market and can only sell 0.1~0.2 yuan per catty, which seriously affects the economic benefits of farmers. The green fruit of tomato is a kind of gluten fruit, and some fruit skin is slightly yellow. The vegetable grower calls it "yellow skin".

Cause Analysis:

1. Unbalanced fertilization, excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, and relatively low potassium is the main cause of tomato green fruit. Especially when the fruit enters the color-changing period, the nitrogen nutrient level in the plant is too high, which affects the formation of lycopene, and the color of the fruit is not uniform, forming yellow fruit.

2. Variety characteristics, from the genetic point of view, all varieties that are resistant to storage and transportation have occurred to varying degrees, while the domestic varieties that are not resistant to storage and transportation, rarely appear green fruit.

3. Temperature factor, tomato fruit turns red because the fruit can produce lycopene when it enters the color changing period. The suitable temperature for producing lycopene is 15 ° C ~ 30 ° C, lower than 15 ° C, higher than 30 ° C, lycopene The formation is inhibited. If the fruit is exposed to a temperature below 8 ° C for a period of time, the fruit will never change color. If the temperature difference between day and night exceeds 15 °C, a large amount of green fruit will be produced.

4. Lighting factors. Light can promote the production of lycopene, which is especially important in the low temperature stage. Therefore, it is easy to produce green fruit when the fruit is exposed to insufficient light.

Solution: Tomatoes are very difficult to treat after the appearance of green peel, mainly in the early prevention.

1. Controlling nitrogen fertilizer and increasing the application rate of potassium fertilizer is the most important measure to prevent tomato green peel.

2. Choose a good variety.

3. Strictly control the temperature. The daytime temperature should be controlled at 25 °C ~ 30 °C, the night temperature should be maintained at 14 °C ~ 16 °C, the temperature difference between day and night should not exceed 15 °C.

4. When the fruit enters the color-changing period, remove the diseased leaves, the old leaves of the lower part of the plant, and the leaves that are shaded around the colored ears to increase the light, which can reduce the occurrence of green fruit.

Poor tomato coloring

Analysis of the causes: There are many reasons for the poor coloration of small tomatoes, of which temperature and light are the primary causes. The process of tomato fruit coloration is the process of chlorophyll decomposition and lycopene and carotenoid formation. Studies have shown that when the temperature is higher than 30 ° C or lower than 15 ° C, it will affect the formation of lycopene; and too strong light will inhibit tomato red The production of the fruit, the fruit is characterized by poor coloration. In addition, excessive nitrogen fertilizer and insufficient potassium fertilizer are also the causes of poor coloration of small tomatoes.


1. Rational fertilization, increase of organic fertilizer, rushing to apply potassium fertilizer at the beginning of the results, and spraying boron-containing compound fertilizer when necessary, which is conducive to increasing yield and income of tomato.

2. Watering in time, you can use the film under the dark irrigation, watering should pay attention to small water and water pouring, not flooding, pay attention to pouring in the morning, do not pour at noon or afternoon high temperature, so as to avoid root injury, inhibit root system Absorption of potassium fertilizer.

3. Regulate moderate temperature, fruit ripening period, pay attention to brightness and warming, daytime temperature should be controlled between 25 °C ~ 30 °C, night 15 °C or so, not lower than 13 °C; in case of low temperature, weak light weather, strengthen Keep warm and enhance light.

4. When the fruit enters the color-changing period, the diseased leaves, the old leaves and yellow leaves of the lower part of the plant, and the leaves that are shaded around the colored ears are removed to increase the light and promote the uniform color change of the tomatoes.

Tomato malformed fruit

Cause Analysis:

1. Long-term growth period of low temperature, multi-nitrogen fertilizer, multi-moisture conditions, easy to form multi-ventricular malformation fruit;

2. The temperature of seedling stage (2~8 leaf flower bud differentiation stage) is lower than 12 °C or higher than 35 °C for a long time, which will result in poor flower bud differentiation and abnormal fruit.

3. At higher temperatures (temperatures above 34 ° C) or high or low temperatures, the application of phytohormones is also prone to malformation.


1. Select anti-deformation varieties, such as New 102 Pink Emperor, Hongjiangnan, 106 Tieshuai, Powder King Jinlu-Lvheng 108 and so on.

2. Cultivate strong seedlings, seedlings in winter or early spring, and the conditions of low temperature and multi-fertilization in the flower bud differentiation period after the two leaves and one heart seedling are easily caused by the phenomenon of top cracking of the fruit, paying special attention to the heat preservation work at the seedling stage so that the night temperature is not lower than 12 ° C.

3. Rational use of plant growth regulators.

Tomato hollow fruit

Analysis of the causes: During the development of flower buds, due to weak sunshine, low shed temperature, insufficient nutrient in the middle and late stages of the fruit, and improper use of hormones, it became a hollow fruit. Varieties with a small number of ventricles are prone to voiding, and the number of ventricles is too large to occur.


1. Choose a variety of ventricles, such as Luheng 101 gold powder, new 102 powder emperor, Hong Jiangnan, 106 iron handsome, powder king Jin Hao - Lu Heng 108 and so on.

2. Create lighting conditions, increase the temperature of the shed, normal weather during the day 20 ° C ~ 27 ° C, night temperature 14 ° C ~ 17 ° C, to avoid the low temperature below 12 ° C continues to appear, even the cloudy weather shed temperature is not lower than 18 ° C during the day, not low at night At 8 ° C, the daylight is received and the light is not shorter than 6 hours.

3. Proper use of phytohormone, spray 10~15mg/L of anti-fallin or 30~40mg/L of sitting fruit after spraying or spray 1500~2500 times liquid to protect Fengling, 10~15mg/L 2,4 The -D dilution solution is applied to the flower stalk to receive the effect of preventing falling flowers and promoting the expansion of young fruit.

4. Adequate fertilizer, increase the application of organic fertilizer, more potassium fertilizer and calcium fertilizer.

Tomato umbilical rot

Also known as top rot, rot rot, black plaster disease, only occurs on the fruit, young fruit results occur.

Analysis of causes: It is generally believed to be due to water supply imbalance and soil calcium deficiency.


1. Add organic fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, and calcium fertilizer (such as high potassium and calcium compound fertilizer).

2. Water and water evenly.

3. Foliar application of 0.1% ~ 0.3% calcium chloride and calcium nitrate solution, spray once every 3 days. (Qin Fei)

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