SolTech Solar Roof System

SolTech Solar Roof System

"SolTech" combines traditional roof tiles with solar cells and installs glass tiles on high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels to generate electricity.

This design can prevent damage or theft. Its energy comes from the sun. After capturing solar energy, it is combined with the existing heating system in the building to store energy. Usually there is a storage tank. Therefore, this system can provide users with a year of hot water and heating.

Its specially designed absorber is mounted on a glass tile for water circulation. The outer surface of the tile is covered with a layer of polycarbonate material and the absorber is placed on the insulation to prevent it from heating and losing. Roof tiles are made of highly transparent glass and low-grade iron oxide. This design uses double S shaped tiles, which are similar to the traditional concrete tiles in Northern Europe and other countries.

PCD End Mill Reamers  

PCD End Mill Reamer is a multi-diameter tool allowing for excellent hole size and concentricity between diameters.Nowadays, more and more automotive gearboxes are made of die-cast aluminum alloys with complex shapes. There are many stepped shaped holes on the gearboxes, in order to meet high efficiency and high precision processing, it is especially suit for machining with PCD Step Reamers.

Choosing PCD End Mill reamer is very often the best way to reduce the total cost, using highly advanced PCD Reamer can reduce the number of tools needed and increasing productivity, thus lowering your production unit costs considerably. 



Unique guidepad geometry allows for excellent roundness and straightness, even in an interrupted cut condition.

Surface roughness is reduced obviously.


PCD Reamers type:

PCD Step Reamers  

PCD End Mill Reamers

PCD Combination Reamers 


Multi-diameter tool allowing for excellent hole size and concentricity between diameters.


Flexible in order quantity:

Samples can be provided before mass production, and MOQ can be discussed accordingly.



pcd end mill reamers

pcd end mill reamers

pcd end mill reamers

pcd end mill reamers

pcd end mill reamers


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PCD End Mill Reamers


product equipment


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Our best selling of cutting tools include PCD Inserts, PCD End Mill, PCD Ball Nose Mill, PCD Reamer, Carbide Taps , Carbide End Mill, Special Form Cutter and many more. For these years we have been made a large forward in the technologies of manufacturing cutting tools. With high quality on performance and price, our product sells well both on domestic and overseas market. And we will always focus on the quality and best service, to make long business relationship.

PCD End Mill Reamers

quanlity control:

We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance for our products and processing services.

PCD End Mill Reamers

PCD End Mill Reamers

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