Handle the floor to bring indoor air safety hazards

How many floors in the market are qualified environmental products? There have been media reports that "the Bacheng wooden floor is not up to standard." However, in all major building materials stores, almost all floor sellers claim that their products meet national standards, and they are E0, but some of the prices are very cheap, and there are even solid wood flooring sold for only about one hundred yuan per square meter. For example, people in the industry said that a Swiss brand of laminate flooring is the cheapest to sell more than 200 yuan, formaldehyde emissions labeled E1 level, and some dozens of dollars made of the floor but dare to say that they are E0 level, very funny.
An expert working on quality inspection stated that “sellers should obtain inspection certificates with qualified product quality before they can be sold in the building materials market. However, there are two possibilities for obtaining the certificates. First, the qualified products are sent for inspection, but The actual sales are unqualified products; the second is to tamper with the quality inspection certificate, which is a forged certificate. Even if it is a brand floor, there may be a first case because the testing organization is only responsible for the product of the batch that was sent for inspection." In other words, the key to obtaining a production license for a company is that the product submitted is qualified. There are almost no other thresholds for entry. While the relevant departments of the state randomly check samples from time to time, the number of times is not wide and the scope is not wide. This provides inferior flooring. A lot of living space.
Formaldehyde pollution is a common phenomenon in fully decorated houses. According to Song Guangsheng, director of the National Indoor Environment and Indoor Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, in the survey they conducted, 60% of fully-furnished residential buildings in the country have different levels of air pollution. Of course, pollution is not caused entirely by the floor. No matter whether it is concrete, decoration construction, or other building materials and furniture, it will contain formaldehyde. He suggested that consumers should carefully read the "Indoor Environmental Qualification Test Report" in the "House Usage Manual" provided by the developer when checking a new house, and figure out whether the test report is for the whole building or a room. “According to the requirements of the competent authorities, the indoor environment should be one room, one inspection, but some developers only provide the entire building inspection report to avoid risks,” Song Guangsheng reminded.
"Formaldehyde cancer" has long been conclusive, in line with the standard and used under normal conditions before the human harmless formaldehyde commonly known as formalin, is a colorless, highly pungent odor of gas. On June 15, 2004, on the basis of the review results of 26 scientists from 10 countries, the World Health Organization released the No. 153 “Formaldehyde Carcinogenicity” Communiqué: There is sufficient evidence that formaldehyde can cause human suffering from nasopharyngeal disease. Cancer and sinus cancer and leukemia. Moreover, the release period of formaldehyde is relatively long. Generally, it is 3 to 15 years.
Some domestic experts also pointed out that formaldehyde pollution has caused great harm to our country. At present, formaldehyde pollution in China mainly comes from interior decoration. In recent years, malignant injuries caused by indoor decoration and furniture, such as formaldehyde, benzene and other organic volatiles, have occurred frequently and have increased year by year. Relevant department data shows that the annual death toll caused by decoration pollution has reached 111,000, about 304 people a day, which is equivalent to the number of deaths caused by car accidents in the country. Of all the contacts, children and pregnant women are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde and the harm is even greater.
Adhesives are used in flooring production, and formaldehyde is one of the main components of adhesives, so there will be formaldehyde in the floor. The floor is broadly divided into laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, and solid wood flooring. The main source of formaldehyde is composite flooring. When pressing wood laminate flooring, the entire wood material used will be less glue than the wood chips. The formaldehyde content will be lower and the price will be higher. The price range of reinforced laminate flooring in the range of 90-130 yuan/square meter is relatively reasonable. If the composite flooring is lower than 120 yuan/square meter, there will be problems in general quality.
China's national standards for the implementation of the floor of formaldehyde emission is a mandatory environmental protection standards for the E1 level, that is, formaldehyde emission is not greater than 1.5mg/L, the products meet the standards under normal conditions of use without harm to the human body. The so-called E0, F4 stars, FCF's patent for hunting aldehydes are all other countries' release standards. E0 grade refers to formaldehyde emission is less than 0.5mg/L, F4 star refers to no more than 0.3mg/L, FCF "hundredaldehyde patent" refers to no more than 0.1mg/L.
The national E1 environmental protection standard is sufficient to ensure human health. The key lies in the authenticity of the test report. In general, the floor can be selected at the E1 level environmental protection standard, and blind pursuit of the highest standards is not required. If you must choose E0 floor, it must be noted that all the home decoration materials, such as furniture, doors, paint, etc. must also be E0, otherwise, only the E0 floor will not contribute to the family's overall environmental protection of. The quality inspection report provided by the merchant depends on whether it is an inspection report or a spot inspection report. In the absence of a spot check report, consumers would rather request to open a pack of flooring on site and randomly select a piece to get close to the smell. Floors with pungent smells will not be purchased. Note that formaldehyde may have been fully released due to prolonged exposure of the sample floor to the shop. Even smelling unflavored is not enough to explain the problem.
Regardless of the grade of product purchased, frequent ventilation is always the most effective method to remove decoration pollution.
Another need to remind consumers is that some families in the laying of the floor, in order to make the floor more secure, in the keel and the floor sandwiched between a layer of large core board, this approach is undesirable. Daxinban's formaldehyde content is the first of its kind. This will inevitably increase the amount of indoor formaldehyde gas released.
Renovation should not avoid building materials, always maintain good ventilation is the most effective way to eliminate indoor air safety hazards. Decoration simple and use of environmentally friendly materials is to reduce the risk of indoor decoration decoration, and maintain good ventilation is the most effective way to maintain indoor air quality. In addition, air purifiers, activated carbon and other methods can also be used.
For consumers with higher quality of home requirements and more luxurious interior decoration, professional air pollution management companies can eliminate indoor air hazards after renovation.

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