How to identify Chinese cabbage deficiency syndrome

1) The plants with short nitrogen deficiency are short, the leaves are small and thin, the leaves are yellow, the stems are slender, and the growth is slow. In the middle and late stages, the leaf ball is not full, the core period is delayed, the leaf fiber is increased, and the quality is degraded.

2) Phosphorus deficiency is not strong and the plants are short. The leaves are small and dark green. The stems are fine and the roots are weak.

3) Potassium deficiency is generally in the late stage of development, from the lower leaf margin to dying, gradually developing to the inner or upper leaves, and the lower leaves withering.

4) Calcium deficiency occurs in the edge rot, the inner leaf edge is water-soaked, to brown necrosis, dry like tofu skin, internal top burning, commonly known as "dry heart", also known as heart rot.

5) The boron-deficient growth point shrinks and dies, the leaves shrink, and the distortion is deformed. The ribs in the inner leaves of the leaves are brown and cracked.

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