Advantages of driving standard parts according to industrial zones

According to the industry foundation of Haiyan standard parts and the small scale of enterprises, the development of standard parts industry must persist in doing something and doing something different, seeking excellence, refinement, seeking specialization and seeking speciality. Seeking excellence, that is, enhancing quality awareness and brand awareness, and vigorously implementing brand strategy; refinement, that is, enhancing technological innovation capabilities, improving production processes, improving technical equipment level, and accelerating new product development; seeking specialization, that is, trying to overcome the standard parts enterprises The weakness of war and decentralized operation, establish stable cooperative relationship with large enterprises at home and abroad, and improve the level of professional division of labor of standard parts enterprises in the county; The firmware is the leading product production and export gathering center, packaging center and equipment accessories center, which is the leading product.

Speed ​​up the pace of structural adjustment. The first is product structure adjustment. At present, the supply of common standard parts in domestic and international markets exceeds demand, while high-end fasteners such as high-strength fasteners and special-shaped parts are in short supply. Therefore, in the positioning of the product structure, we must focus on all kinds of high-grade fasteners, speed up the adjustment, from the current ordinary fasteners to high-strength, high-performance, high-precision, high-addition and non-standard shaped parts and other high-end tight Firmware development. Followed by technical restructuring.

It is necessary to change the current situation that the production process of the standard parts industry in the county is concentrated in the cold emblem, and promote advanced molding processes such as Wenhui, Hot Pier, Cold Extrusion and Warm Extrusion Composite Process. It is necessary to carry out real-time control and automatic inspection of the production process; strengthen the technical transformation of the work and the mold; and cite mechanical galvanizing to strengthen the surface treatment of the product. Again, the organizational structure of the enterprise is adjusted. Encourage enterprises to implement strong joint ventures and Sino-foreign joint ventures or mergers and acquisitions, and develop joint-stock enterprises and group-type enterprises.

Enterprises are encouraged to take the lead in sales companies and voluntarily set up production of loose or compact joints, and arrange production according to orders. Cultivate and support leading enterprises in the industry and strengthen the role of the entire industry. Enhance technological innovation capabilities. It is necessary to speed up the establishment of a technical support system for the service of small and medium-sized standard parts enterprises, and to assume the functions of information collection, product development, technology promotion, personnel training and consulting services for small and medium-sized standard enterprises in the county. It is necessary to encourage key enterprises to establish technology development centers, form a "production, study and research" consortium, jointly develop high-tech products, and accelerate product upgrading.

Strengthen government industry guidance. It is necessary to use the standard parts industrial city as a carrier to attract preferential enterprises outside the county and outside the city to enter the city through the implementation of preferential policies. It is necessary to encourage enterprises to accelerate technological progress through policy tilt, adjust product structure, and achieve economies of scale. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen industry management by forming a trade association to create a good service environment for enterprise development.

The construction measures of the industrial city to create the sea salt standard parts industrial city should highlight the key points and clarify the objectives. In the specific measures, we must do a good job in the following tasks: highlight key points and build industrial parks. The first phase of Haiyan Standard Industrial City has a planned area of ​​530 mu, with a total investment of 199.9 million yuan, including infrastructure investment of 1990 million yuan and production and equipment investment of 180 million yuan.

The state-owned sole proprietorship Haiyan Standard Parts Industrial City Development Co., Ltd., which was invested and established by the Economic Development Zone Management Committee, implements unified planning, design and construction management, and promotes the development and construction by taking the land construction enterprises as the main means. For domestic and foreign investment, it is planned to introduce about 40 enterprises. After two to three years of construction, a standard parts production and sales center with various high-strength fasteners, fasteners, special-shaped pieces and stainless steel fasteners as the leading products will be formed. The packaging chain, equipment accessories center, information center and raw material supply, wire drawing, standard parts production, tool and die manufacturing, packaging, sales, product development and testing as one of the industrial chain, built the country's largest standard parts production and export base.

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