Interpretation of the importance of seat belts

When we mention driving safety, we have to mention the safety system of the vehicle. Everyone may have heard that the vehicle had reached the five-star safety testing system for the European collision system. In fact, apart from the vehicle's own safety settings, the main thing is to require us to have a sense of safety protection when driving a vehicle. For example, the vehicle itself will have its own airbags and seat belts. As far as we can correctly understand and use these safety devices?

In the development of airbag products in Europe, the seat belts have been forcibly worn and the airbags have been used as an auxiliary restraint system. BMW has adopted the above SRS system. The system setup itself also shows that the installation of airbags is a means to achieve or improve the safety of collisions. Although the airbags have obvious protective effects, they are only a supplement to the seat belts, and they are not all-purpose and can not replace safety. band. In traffic accidents, seat belts are still the main protection measures, and the role of airbags is to trigger under conditions where the seat belt cannot provide sufficient protection alone to reduce the possibility of more serious injury to the occupants.

The seat belt is the most basic and effective occupant protection device in the vehicle safety system, which is composed of a tension limiter and a belt tension device (anti-submarine slide). When wearing a seat belt, please adjust the position of the seat first, tie it to the position lower than the lumbar vertebrae as much as possible, and do not leave the backrest of the seat. The seat belt can restrain the occupant in the seat to avoid the passengers in the vehicle. In the process of collision, the inertia rushed forward, hit the steering wheel in the cockpit, and the dashboard and other parts were injured. Even if the belt is not fastened, the body is not restrained in the seat even if the speed is low and the airbag is not detonated. At the same time, there may also be major casualties due to collisions in the aforementioned cockpit. Therefore, the seat belt must be fastened when driving.

In the actual driving process, many occupants are not only incorrectly using the seat belts, they are not allowed to issue a “belt unlined” sound, they are erroneously buckled behind their backs, or they are not secure at all. With the buckle,

In the event of an accident, the vehicle's computer system may assume that the occupant is now seated in the seat belt and activates the airbag during the toasting airbag deployment condition. When the airbag is activated, the explosive force is very large at the instant. If the belt is not fastened and the inertia of the front occupant forces the front and neck of the occupant to collide with the explosive force, it may be seriously injured. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you use and wear the seat belt correctly. In addition, if the seat belt is modified or modified at will, or other configurations of the vehicle are adjusted, it is possible to cancel the “belt not attached” sound. When the vehicle rotates or tumbling, the seat belt is the most effective measure to ensure that the occupants are not thrown out of the vehicle and cause serious injury, and the airbag cannot play the same role.

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