Fog and tear, how can the lack of dust masks

In the past 2013, “Smog” was one of the most important topics. The hazy years ago made everyone’s travel and feelings very hard. The post-holiday 2014 brought great surprises to the people. The continuous rain and snow weather made the turbid weather brighter and brighter. With the arrival of “rainwater” solar terms, the weather will soon turn warmer, and we must beware of the haze. According to reports, many lands have fallen into mild pollution today. The streets are still some years ago. In the morning, many people came and went with dust masks . Here, Xiao Bian introduced some simple knowledge about dust masks. To prevent buying masks that are less harmful and harmful.
In recent years, there has been an increase in haze and weather. There are also many masks with the slogan of " dust-proof " on the market. How should we choose the appropriate mask for blocking PM2.5?
As we all know, PM2.5 is fine particles. Fine particles, also known as fine particles, fine particles. Fine particulate matter refers to particles with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns in the ambient air, also known as PM2.5, and lung particulate matter. It can be suspended in the air for a longer time. The higher its content (concentration) in the air, the more serious the air pollution is.

When choosing a mask, pay attention:

First, choose the mask material.
Generally, the material of the mask is fine, and the high-quality mask is divided into three layers, that is, the inner and outer layers are filter paper and the middle layer is non-woven.
Choose a mask level.
Second, dust masks of KN90, KN95, and N95 levels can effectively filter fine particles. When you purchase, you must look at the mask level. Do not purchase the wrong one.
Third, check the mask of the mask.
In fact, anti-PM2.5 masks say, the key is the filter inside, the better anti-PM2.5 filter is
Activated Carbon, can effectively isolate a variety of fine particles. Normal filters will be replaced in about 2 weeks and cannot be reused. Ask for a good price.
Fourth, the real high-quality anti-PM2.5 mask is not cheap for a few dollars to buy. It is impossible to do so. For a cheap one, it will be forty or fifty, and for expensive ones it will be hundreds. Therefore it is difficult to guarantee the effect of cheap, or buy real materials.
Fifth, whether it is appropriate to wear.
After the PM2.5 mask is worn, it should be relatively tight, and there should not be too much gap for the fine particles to have a chance. So try to check the size of the mask in advance.

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