Integrate Sensing Image Technology Sony Releases Smart Skin Evaluation [Full Text]

On December 3, 2012, Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation ("Sony") announced today that it has developed "SSKEP (Intelligent Skin Evaluation Program)" - a variety of elements for the analysis of skin, including textures, defects, pores, High precision and high speed technology for brightness and color. "SSKEP" is Sony's own skin analysis technology. It is composed of back-illuminated CMOS image sensor technology and can realize high-sensitivity and low-noise, multi-wavelength light source control and skin analysis algorithms. The combination of advanced sensing technology and high-speed image processing technology will enable quantitative and multilateral measurements, as well as analysis of various skin elements.

SSKEP skin analysis technology

Skin analysis products are currently used by professionals and consumers in the beauty industry, but professional products are bulky and expensive, while consumer products can only provide limited analytical capabilities. By adopting Sony's newly developed "SSKEP" skin analysis technology, manufacturers will be able to commercialize compact products that easily analyze various elements of the skin.

In general, an important aspect of skin analysis techniques is the ability to detect both superficial skin that is easily accessible to visible light and subsurface skin that can only be reached by near-infrared light. "SSKEP" can simultaneously optimize the control of the output of light sources at multiple wavelengths and the image capture processing achieved by CMOS image sensors to achieve high-sensitivity photography above and below the skin surface, thus enabling diverse and highly accurate skin analysis.

In addition, "SSKEP", combined with Sony's own algorithms, enables quantitative evaluation, pixel-by-pixel analysis, and skin composition visualization through image processing and shape recognition technologies. For example, the skin texture can be accurately evaluated by analyzing the shape, number, and direction. In addition, by analyzing the melanin pigment in the skin pixel by pixel, it is possible to observe the hypopigmentation on the surface of the skin, thereby making it possible to obtain information on invisible skin, including concealed patches and blemishes.

Sony expects that the newly developed "SSKEP" technology will be able to obtain diverse applications in various new services and consumer products in the beauty and more industries. Therefore, Sony will continue to develop and strengthen skin analysis technology.

Sony has always been committed to developing high-quality image sensors for professional and consumer digital cameras, smart phones and more. Looking to the future, Sony will also focus on the "sensing field" - which makes it easy to obtain and process information such as distance and movement, shape, and color of target objects. In this way, Sony will cultivate a new market and enable image sensor technology to be applied in every aspect of daily life.

Skin analysis sample output (composite skin analysis including pores, textures, defects, and colors)

Sample skin analysis output image (left: melanin analysis, right: pore analysis)

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