How to match the original wooden door

Red + white + pink youthful movement

Red is the most eye-catching color, and red has a strong impact on vision compared to the blue that visually shrinks. Therefore, when using on large items such as furniture and curtains, be sure to pay attention to easing the pressure, and control the amount of use in about 20% of the total amount, or do not use bright red. Instead, use a gray tone or a dark shade of red instead of a gray tone or a dark shade of red. Speaking of pink, it is not as strong as red, but it has a clear impression and can be used in a cute and mature fashion. Gorgeous red, pure white, mature pink against each other, competing for beauty.

Gray + red moving charm

The colors of the colorless series, represented by white and red, are suitable for any color combination and will not appear cluttered. The gray and red colors that belong to the same colorless system are also excellent. The combination of red and gray adds a subtle dark tone to the uniform bright tones, which makes it look elegant and modern. To "expose gorgeous in peace", try using this color scheme.

Yellow + orange sun warm

The most vivid color is yellow. Yellow can give a warm feeling. However, because it is as prominent and striking as red, so using too much vivid yellow on large items can be irritating. It is most suitable to use the whitish milky yellow as the base color of the wall or curtain. Because it makes the vision open, it makes people feel that the room is spacious.

As a bright yellow color scheme, it is better to choose gray and orange. If the bright yellow color is matched with gray, it will make people feel peace of mind and live comfortably. Of course, if you want to make the room bright and bright, you can also decorate the room with green.

Yellow+brown matching

The most gentle match is yellow + brown, and brown is not a single color. It is made of black or yellow. Because the colors of yellow and brown are similar, they are easy to unify. However, there are many different colors, and even yellow and brown can not be said to match, with a little greenish yellow and a reddish tinted color. If you want to pay attention to the sense of unity of color, you must choose the full color.

Blue + purple dream combination

The blue-centered color combination is a home decoration style that makes people feel comfortable. In the cool color system, blue has a visually reduced and retracted effect, and if used properly, can make the room look bigger. For example, hanging a clock or decorative painting on the wall will create a sense of layering in the space. Blue is used on large items such as beds, which will produce a smaller effect than the real thing.

Add some purple to the blue. A purple smoke like fog will give you a wonderful feeling of early spring. It can alleviate the heavy blue color and bring a sense of maturity.

The combination of bright tones and dark tones produces a unique effect.

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