Gaoyou: Resolve problems and solve difficulties to promote the transformation and development of the photovoltaic industry

Gaoyou: Resolving Problems, Promoting the Transformation and Development of Photovoltaic Industry Since the beginning of this year, the international trading environment of photovoltaic companies has continued to deteriorate, and most of the companies are in a state of production suspension, causing a lot of disputes. In response to the outstanding problems faced by photovoltaic companies, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province organized the backbone of the business to help companies sort out their creditor's rights and debts, standardize their operations and management, and answer their complaints. Organize photovoltaic companies to participate in litigation investigation activities, fully grasp the total debts, assets, creditors, and debt repayment ability of relevant companies, maintain a high degree of concern on the possible escape of enterprises, escape from their debts, and divestment funds, etc., and make preparations to prevent assets. Loss to ensure that there are no group incidents that lead to serious consequences.

From January to April of this year, Gaoyou Development Zone achieved a total industrial output value of 7.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.2%; a technical transformation fund of 1.732 billion yuan, an increase of 76.9%; fixed assets investment of 1.547 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 67.8%. "Good year". By the end of last year, Gaoyou had registered more than 50 companies related to the photovoltaic industry, of which 20 were above-scale photovoltaic companies. Shunda Semiconductor, Shunda Solar, Supreme Optoelectronics, and Wal-Mart Solar have entered the city's top 50 industries. The output value of photovoltaic enterprises above designated size jumped from 3.07 billion yuan in 2008 to 7.04 billion yuan in 2010, accounting for 68.3% of the city's high-tech industrial output value. Gaoyou has become an important production base for the domestic photovoltaic industry, attracting the attention of many investors both inside and outside the city. At present, there are 31 key photovoltaic projects to be built and under construction in the city. The total planned investment is 12.225 billion yuan, which will be conducive to the further development of the photovoltaic industry in the city.

Since the beginning of this year, the Gaoyou Economic Development Zone has focused on the “three chains of one village and two gardens” in accordance with the idea of ​​“I have no people and I have excellent people” to vigorously cultivate new industries, upgrade leading industries, transform traditional industries, and find their own industries. Characteristics, create Gaoyou industry development highlands.

The “three chains of one village, two parks” refers to the technological innovation industrial village, the provincial photovoltaic industrial park, the energy storage technology demonstration park (battery industrial park), the machinery manufacturing industrial chain, the photovoltaic industrial chain, and the electronic and electrical industrial chain. It is understood that the current battery industrial park has completed the construction plan and obtained approval from the provincial environmental protection department. Since the demolition work was started in April, the demolition of 350 residential houses has been completed, and five enterprises with investment of more than 1 billion yuan have been expected to enter the park by the end of the year, forming industry characteristics and corporate agglomeration as soon as possible. The construction of “three chains” refers to the machinery manufacturing industry chain, integrating smelting, casting, processing and assembly into one, vigorously developing the hydraulic machinery, mining machinery, and petroleum machinery industries, and striving to form 50 billion yuan by the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” period. The second is to lengthen and increase the photovoltaic industry chain focusing on Comprox's high-purity silicon, accelerate the formation of polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, broken squares, slicing, solar cell packaging, components, and integrated power generation systems. A complete industrial system strives to form a scale of 20 billion yuan at the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period; the third is to enlarge and strengthen Hongyuan Electronics, Communication Technology, Fairview Electronic Touch Screen, Junying Optoelectronics, Revitalize Micro Channel Flat Tube, and Natural Gas Power generation and other leading electronic and electrical industrial chain, and vigorously promote a series of leading domestic and internationally influential product grades such as UHV electrode foils, flexible circuit boards, electronic touch screens, power fittings, special cables, micro-channel flat tubes, etc. The district has become a global production base for UHV electrode foils, flexible circuit boards and micro-channel flat tubes, and strives to form 20 billion yuan at the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. . At the same time, we will actively transform and upgrade traditional industries such as textiles and garments. We will increase the technological content by building brand names, eliminate weaknesses and strengths, and expand the textile and garment industry, mainly Bosideng garments, Yonghui polypropylene, and Sanhong duvets. The transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in TEDA.

Large companies breed large industries, and large industries promote large-scale development. Since the beginning of this year, according to the industrial layout and development priorities, the development zone aims to enhance the industrial level and core competitiveness. It has taken the adjustment of the structure and optimization as the main line, and has increased the ability to innovate as a breakthrough point. It has actively helped enterprises solve problems in development and has focused on cultivating leading players. Leading enterprises in the industry are accelerating the cultivation of enterprises with backward advantages. This year will focus on cultivating Kangbo New Materials 8000 tons of high-purity silicon, Wal-Mart Opto Semiconductors, a new type of backlit ultra-thin keyboard, a beautiful future with 40 million electronic touch screens, computer modules, aerospace hydraulic turbines, and Yonghui Technology Polypropylene-like Feather Down. Huaxing Stone Machine 5000 meters machine, Heyi 2 million electric tools, Guangyuan electric power fittings, Junying photoelectric LED and photoelectric equipment, Buick Electromechanical 1.5 million automobile and motorcycle wheels, Hongyuan 1.8 million square meters UHV electrode foil and Jiangsu We will revitalize aluminum 30,000 tons of micro-channel flat aluminum tubes and other projects, and strive to achieve the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and realize one company with an output value of 30 billion yuan, one company with more than 10 billion yuan, two companies with more than 5 billion yuan, and more There are 10 companies with 10 billion and two companies are listed.

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