How can the electronic fence break through the "28 odd circle"?

How can the electronic fence break through the "28 odd circle"? When it comes to Shanghai's security industry, one topic cannot be bypassed: Shanghai's electronic fence industry leads the country.

Many people are asking why electronic fences are being held in Shanghai. Why is it difficult to promote them in the national market?

Through in-depth exchanges with all e-fence companies, some companies stated that electronic fences have low technological content and limitations in the market, and it is difficult to achieve universal application from Shanghai breakout to the whole country.

It is understood that the perimeter defense as the first line of defense, although infrared products are still the market mainstream, but its market has been in a slump in recent years. Why did Shanghai's electronic fence industry fail to realize the goal of radiating the whole country in the true sense for the past few years? To explore this issue is also to explore the issue of China's perimeter prevention product self-breakthrough.

During the investigation in 2012 in Shanghai, electronic fences and warning signs electronic fences can be seen everywhere.

According to industry insiders, nearly 80 percent of the country's electronic fence companies are concentrated in Shanghai, and Shanghai has occupied about 85 percent of the country's electronic fence market.

However, people in the industry have stated that from a nationwide perspective, the “Shanghai phenomenon” caused by the near-unbalanced development of electronic fences has actually fallen into a “two-eighth cycle”.

From the “landing” of Shanghai to blossoming, it is inseparable from the city of Shanghai to talk about the development of electronic fences in China. The French LACME Group Shanghai Representative Office introduced electronic fences to China in 1999 and registered in Shanghai. Shanghai became the birthplace of China's electronic fence.

After successfully landing in Shanghai as an exotic, the electronic fence quickly occupied the Shanghai market. From the beginning of the import of imported products, to the current independent research and development, production and sales, Shanghai electronic fence industry has become a prosperous, becoming a Shanghai security card. According to a company introduction, there are more than 80 enterprises engaged in electronic fence products in the country, among which there are more than 30 production R&D companies, and 70% of the companies are concentrated in Shanghai. It can be seen that Shanghai is a centralized place for electronic fence companies. Shanghai accounts for 85% of the country's total electronic fence market share. The accuracy of this set of data cannot be known, but it basically summarizes the current status of the domestic electronic fence industry. According to the “China Security Product Quality Survey Activity” of the newspaper in recent years, the Shanghai electronic fence is indeed unique.

“In the past, we used infrared radio to prevent the perimeter. In 2007, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau promulgated a notice and the new community began to use electronic fences. As far as I know, the new four or five communities near our community are With the application of electronic fences, it should be said that the application of electronic fences is still quite effective, because such products have only been used in relatively high-end and confidential applications, and are full of deterrence.” In June 2011, the reporter visited a community in Minhang District, Shanghai. At the time, the head of the property management office of the community said.

According to statistics, out of the 86 community samples, a total of 18 communities were constructed after 2007, and all of them were equipped with electronic fences. At the same time, about 60% of the residential samples constructed before 2007 were equipped with electronic fences, and those that had not installed electronic fences were mainly constructed before 2000.

While nationwide, electronic fence promotion maintains an average annual growth rate of 20%, but it is mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang provinces. According to Hong Tianyu, general manager of Shanghai Laikemi Qiantong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Laikemi), only three provinces and cities, namely Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, have almost completed the nationwide electronic fence market.

The "Shanghai Phenomenon" administrative pusher electronic fence landed in Shanghai and quickly took root in Shanghai, realizing localization. However, in the past decade or so, it has not been able to radiate across the country. In this regard, Shanghai electronic fencing companies are also quite confused.

How to make the electronic fence go to the whole country? Shanghai e-fence companies reached a consensus that the industry should strengthen self-discipline and standard construction, and accelerate the market awareness of e-fence. At this meeting, participating companies also spoke of a key reason for the boom in the Shanghai e-fence market.

It is understood that the first high-speed development opportunity of the Shanghai electronic fence appeared in 2007. In this year, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Technical Protection Office issued the “Circular for the Promotion of the Use of Electronic Fence Perimeter Alarm System in the City” (hereinafter referred to as “notification”). The notice stipulates that "As of August 20th, where new accredited residents residential quarters and other technical protection projects, the perimeter alarm system will in principle use electronic fencing and other high-tech technical protection products that are not susceptible to environmental impact and produce false alarms. Active infrared Intrusion detectors can be used for assistance.Any project that has been signed with a contract, the technicians of the technical protection project shall take the initiative to explain the situation to the construction unit and submit an application for a change.


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