Domestic acrylic acid price trend

Domestic acrylic acid price trend According to the relevant data, from the November 1, 2012 to the 30th, the domestic factory price of acrylic acid from the 17,350 yuan / ton of continuous stability, down to the factory price of 16,067 yuan / ton, down 7.4%.

At present, the overall installation of many domestic companies is under-employed, but the spot supply is very sufficient, the trading atmosphere is poor, the downstream downstream market is not smooth, and shipping is hindered.

At present, acrylic acid factory prices have shown a downward trend. As of the end of this month, satellite petrochemical plant acid prices offer guaranteed sales, currently maintained at 16,000 yuan / ton, Purified acid quotation 15,500 yuan / ton; Shenyang chemical acrylic acid factory quotation fell to 15,000 yuan / ton. Qilu Kaitai Acrylic Acid Price 12,500 yuan / ton, and adequate supply.

The market of acrylic acid in East China fell decisively. The mainstream price in the primary Pu acid market was between 1,200-13,000 yuan/ton; the mainstream price of refined acid was between 14,500-15,000 yuan/ton. Acrylic acid market in South China does not change the weak, lack of effective buying, the mainstream quotation of Pu acid barrels in the 13000-14000 yuan / ton, compared with a week ago fell 1,000 yuan / ton; North China acrylic acid market volume shrank sharply, distributors shipped sluggish , A mainstream acid market quoted in the 1200-13000 yuan / ton.

Looking at the overall market, it is currently entering the off-season sales season in December. Currently, there is a lack of effective negotiations, and there is ample cash supply. Manufacturers require more shipments. Downstream demand is weak. Buyers leave the market and the transaction volume continues to shrink, leading to continuous market prices. Sharply lower. Business Society Chemical Branch acrylic acid analyst Fu Shan believes that the current mood of traders depression, coupled with the traditional thinking of buying up or not to buy, making the short-term acrylic market continues to oscillate down.

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