What paint the most environmentally friendly green paint points

Environmental paint refers to the performance indicators of paint products, and safety indicators meet the requirements of their respective product standards. The coating products that meet the technical requirements set forth by the national environmental labeling products; the paint products called environmental protection paints are also called green products. Then, Xiaobian will introduce you to the most important points for the greenest and greenest paint purchases.

What paint is the most environmentally friendly

The environmental protection paint is the paint product that meets the technical requirements of the national environmental labeling product under the premise that the performance index and safety index of the paint product meet the respective product standards. There are more or less harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, and soluble heavy metals in the general paint, which will have a certain impact on people's health.

With regard to the definition of environmental protection coatings, experts have divided them into three levels. The first level is the total organic volatilization of paint. Organic volatiles pose a direct hazard to our environment, society, and humans. The second level is the toxicity of solvents, that is, those that are in contact with the human body or inhaled. Solvents that cause disease.

The third level is the user's security issue. Generally speaking, after the paint is dry, its solvent can basically play off, but it also needs a process, especially room-temperature curing paint, and some solvents evaporate very slowly. Although the amount of these solvents is not large, but due to the user's long time Exposure to toxic solvents can also cause harm to human health. Therefore, the use of toxic solvents must be limited during preparation.

Green paint purchase points

1, see environmental performance

Experts remind consumers that with the national standardization of packaging, the packaging of health and environmental protection products has passed the China Environmental Protection Mark Certification product logo. Second, the identification of the safety of environmental protection paint depends on two factors, free TDI and benzene content, the lower their content, the higher the safety. Free TDI is a substance that is harmful to human body in the curing agent of wood coatings, which can cause leukemia, damage the human liver, and reduce human immunity. Therefore, the state has established mandatory standards for free TDI content, and environmental protection paint adopts advanced equipment of international standards. The free TDI content in the curing agent not only meets the national standard, but even meets the European standards, and is a truly healthy and environmentally friendly product. The odor of the paint is irrelevant to the benzene content. The benzene solvent is basically odorless but has high toxicity. The resin as the main component of the paint has a special pungent odor but is not harmful to the human body. Therefore, the benzene content and the resin content are low. The smell of paint is small, but it will affect human health. The paint with high resin content, though odor, is environmentally safe. Therefore, the paint has a large odor and does not mean high toxicity. The key is to distinguish what the smell is.

2, see the paint model

Each type of wood lacquer is equipped with a corresponding template, so when users buy paint, they can touch it and look at the template. Look at toughness to avoid the annoyance caused by knocking on wood. Second, look at the hardness, scratch resistance, and protect the wood paint. Looking at the transparency of the third, the transparency is so good that the original color of the wood is clearly seen, and the woodware is not whitened. Four look resistant to yellowing, for the commonly used transparent varnish, white paint, feel smooth and smooth, no yellowing, even gloss, white paint, white, flawless, high hiding power. For the paints with special solid colors and special effect paints: cracked paint, uniform texture, many variations, patchwork, and good color retention.

3, look at the packaging appearance and logo

The products produced by regular manufacturers are not only beautifully packaged and featured, but also have company name, address, production date, batch number, net content, quality paint, contact telephone number, and implementation standards.

4, see the brand

When buying green paint, please choose a brand with good reputation and high reputation. The price may be relatively high, but the quality and health performance are guaranteed. In order to prevent the purchase of counterfeit brand-name products, it is advisable to shop at special stores, specialty stores, and large building materials supermarkets of well-known brands.

5, see the service

The paint is only a semi-finished product. In order to obtain an ideal decoration effect, there must be good construction techniques in addition to excellent product quality. This requires manufacturers or merchants to provide more complete services. Services usually include purchase guidance, cost accounting, technical consulting, construction guidance, construction problems can be quickly resolved, and visits after construction.

6, see color and special craft paint selection

In addition to the varnish, the eco-friendly varnish has clear colored paint (emphasizing wood texture, colorful, antique): matte red brown, matte chestnut, matt amber, matt orange brown, matte deep pear, Matt green tea, matte rosewood and so on. Solid color paint (colorful, beautiful decorative effect, anti-fouling): Italian yellow, Italian orange, Italian green, Italian green, Italian purple, grape color, apple color, lily color, yellow gem, blue moon and so on. There are also a variety of special effect paints, including solid color antique paint, imitation marble paint, and bark-like paint.

Green paint features

1. High brand awareness, good reputation, stable product quality, and safe security;

2, after the brushing paint film smooth and detailed; environmental protection paint;

3, with anti-mildew and anti-alkaline properties, extend the life of the paint film;

4, good film ductility, can cover micro cracks;

5, wall stains can be washed, easy to maintain;

6, product color choice and color stability, no color;

7, the product does not contain lead and mercury, smell fresh, pay attention to environmental protection, harmless human health.

Editor's summary: The most environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly paint purchase points on paint are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

What paint paint paint to buy the most environmentally friendly

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