Jade cushion is not good

The jade cushion , as its name suggests, is a cushion made of jade, which is comfortable and clean on the seat. Generally matched with cushions, it is an indispensable fabric product in the room and in the compartment. The following is a small series of go Jiaju. I will give you a detailed introduction to the jade cushion.


Jade cushion is not good

Jade cushions can be divided into two categories in general, one is old jade (also known as Huangbai old jade), the seed in old jade is called He Moyu, which belongs to tremolite jade, its texture is simple, dignified, and pale yellow. White is a precious jade. The other type is the serpentine ore of Xiuyan Biyu (also known as Wagou Jade). Its texture is solid and warm, delicate and round, and it is mostly green to lake green. Among them, dark green and transparent are the treasures. The benefits of natural jade mattresses for people.

First, the role of trace elements: the human body and jade long-term contact, trace elements into the human body through the skin, on the basis of the north to produce a special "photoelectric effect", focus on energy storage, the formation of electromagnetic fields, and resonance with the human body can make the human body The various physiological activities are carried out more normally.

Second, the wonderful physical role: According to research, the gemstone actually presents the wonderful physical phenomenon of daylight absorption and nighttime light. If the light spot is directed at a certain acupuncture point on the human body, it will stimulate the meridians like acupuncture, dredge the organs, and exert obvious medical and health care effects.

Jade cushion

1. Super adsorption capacity The carbon adsorption capacity of bamboo is more than 5 times that of charcoal. It absorbs, decomposes odor and deodorizes harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and ammonia.

2. Launch far infrared rays, store heat and keep warm. The far-infrared emission rate is high, the heat storage is kept warm, and the heating rate is faster than ordinary fabrics.

3. Humidity control, to achieve the effect of dehumidification and drying, high equilibrium moisture regain and high water retention rate, giving the bamboo bamboo carbon humidity control ability.

4. The negative ion emission concentration is high, which is equivalent to the negative ion concentration of the field in the suburbs, which is good for health.

5. High mineral content. The fifth layer: the non-woven fiber of the hard cotton layer can effectively balance the heat and fix the spectrum fiber layer. The sixth layer: spectrum biomimetic material layer spectrum biomimetic material emits an ordered biological spectrum acting on the human body. Layer 7: The active spectrum generator layer excites the spectrum of the biomimetic material to emit an ordered biological spectrum field. The eighth layer: blocking the harmful electric wave layer part of the household appliances and power heating equipment in the convenience of people's daily lives, but also produces electromagnetic waves harmful to the human body. Harmful electromagnetic waves can have adverse effects on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems, the visual system, and the reproductive system of the human body, and are also important causes of cancer and leukemia. The ninth layer: the natural fiber cotton layer is soft and light, warm and durable. The tenth layer: the tarpaulin is durable, wear-resistant and tensile, and protects the seat cushion.

The above is the information about some jade cushions introduced by Xiaobian for everyone. I hope everyone can like it, more relevant information, so stay tuned for the tracking report of Xiaojiaju.com.

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