What are the design methods for romantic study? Romantic study notes

There are many layouts in the room when we decorate our home, but our friends can't arrange the bedroom in a single room, and the living room, restaurant and other rooms, it is the most important to design a romantic study room inside the home. Nowadays, many of my friends need to work. Isn't it good to have a good study in the house? So how should a romantic study be well designed, and what are the precautions in the romantic study?


First, the romantic study design method

1. The first simple study room is fully reflected in the furniture products in this study. A simple log desk, a simple desk chair, a pillow and a simple orange-red shelf on the wall, as well as a rectangular carpet are all the decorations in the study.

2, a touch of spring is like this, the green white floral curtains in the study bring a spring-like feeling of refreshing playfulness to this study. The use of green elements makes this space youthful. Green paintings, green cushions, and green table lamps on the wooden table, as well as a computer with a white freshness.

3. A desk and a chair at home are almost everything in this study. In addition, this study also pays great attention to the practicality of the study when designing. The designer designed a hanging rack on the wall of the desk. This hanging rack can play a good role in storing many small objects. .


Second, the romantic study notes

1. Remember that our semi-open spatial representation is often used in study design. Sliding doors, folding doors, and even the design of door leaves will also present different spatial tonality. When the door is opened, the vision penetrates deep into the study. When you need to be alone, you only need to pull the door to enjoy a peaceful and beautiful world.

2, the study room compartment can not be done like a bedroom, considering too much concealment and sound insulation, so you can use a more lively design. It is a good way to use the cabinet itself as a compartment. It not only saves the cost and floor space of the partition wall, but also has a variety of shapes.

3, our study room layout is usually required to maintain relative independence, and with the corresponding studio furniture equipment, such as computers, drawing tables, etc., to meet the requirements of use. The design should be based on the principle of comfort and tranquility, especially for those who are engaged in such things as art, music, writing, etc., should focus on maximizing their convenience.

After reading and reading the whole article, my friends know that our romantic study room design is very good. The design in each link can add some layout items with friends' preferences, and about the design of the romantic study room. There are also matters needing attention, friends will pay more attention to the decoration home network in the future, to learn more about other aspects of decoration information.

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