How to decorate your baby's bedroom? Baby's bedroom decoration points

We all know that the bedroom is a place to rest, so we have to consider a lot of problems in the decoration. If there is a baby at home, it is definitely necessary to design a children's room, so there are more problems to be considered. then the baby's bedroom, how fitting it? baby's bedroom decoration there are areas that we need to pay attention to it? following on from the small series of renovated home network to tell you about it.


First, how to decorate the baby's bedroom

1. Decorations, decorations in children's rooms, can be used to hang some brightly colored, knowledgeable pictures and landscape pictures on the wall, which can promote children's curiosity. Children's own paintings and handicrafts can also be hung on the wall to enhance children's aesthetic ability.

2. The color in the room, children have a sensitive response to color, ceiling, floor, wall, curtains, bedspreads, etc. should be based on bright colors, and even directly use the red, yellow, blue, green primary colors. Generally speaking, girls' rooms use pink, yellow and other colors, and boys' rooms use blue, black, white and green colors.

3. Because the child is moving, it is not safe to sleep. Therefore, there should be a bed rail around the bed. The bed rails are hung with some bright and soft toys, which are both safe and beautiful. On the wall beside the bed, you can put some children's pictures to highlight the child's innocent characteristics, so that the children feel intimate and warm. If you are a pair of twins, then two small beds are indispensable.


Second, the baby's bedroom decoration points

1. The plastic foam puzzle mat is soft and comfortable, and the color is bright. It is laid on the floor in winter and cool in summer, so many parents will like to put the puzzle of foam products on the floor in the baby room. But in fact, this is not good for your baby's health, because these plastic foam puzzle mats will release a lot of volatile organic substances, and if they are inhaled into your baby's body, it is likely to affect your baby's health. .

2. Some parents will think that hanging some toys that make a sound on the baby's head will make the baby happy. But in fact, this kind of behavior is dangerous, because if the toy does not hang up and suddenly falls, it will cause unpredictable damage to the baby, so Xiaobian advises parents not to hang too much on the crib. In addition, don't put too many things around your baby, because it will not only attract dust, but also bring danger to your baby.

Under normal circumstances, every family has a children's bedroom. If the child is small, we have more problems to consider. How to decorate the baby's bedroom and what are the main points of decoration? I want to introduce you through the above small series. These are also known, then if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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