How to prevent seedlings in vegetable seedlings

Vegetables are the main source of vitamin supplements in our daily lives, so vegetable cultivation has always attracted people's attention. Vegetable cultivation, seedling period is the most important, this article will introduce to you how to grow seedlings to prevent disease.

First, the seed solution

Soaking seeds with Green Hengtianbao 1500 times, vegetables that do not need to be soaked can be drenched on the surface of the seeds, sprayed and mixed thoroughly, so that the seeds can be soaked, the germination rate can be increased, the new roots can be enhanced, and the seedlings can be strengthened. Cold resistance, can effectively prevent roots. Dosage for dressing with pesticides: 1 to 1.5 grams per 1 kilogram of seeds, or 3-4 grams of green hunters. Soak immediately after mixing, don't be bored.

Second, the seedbed soil disinfection

1 gram per square meter with Greenheng No.1, 3000 times water, spray evenly in the bed, or 1 gram of green hengyi No. 1 to 15-20 kg of fine soil, 1/3 in the bed, the remaining 2/ 3 cover the soil after sowing.

Third, nutrient soil disinfection

In areas where planting diseases are more serious for many years, the nutrient soil used for seedling cultivation should be thoroughly disinfected. The green hengyi No.1 is sprayed 1.5 g/m3, and the water is sprayed evenly on the nutrient soil 3000 times. The pot or seedling tray is reseeded. Spraying 1 time before the transplanting, the Greenheng No. 1 3000 times solution will prevent the disease at the seedling stage from being better.

Fourth, spraying or rooting

In the early stage of seedling disease or when the dead seedlings have been seen, the soil can be sprayed or rooted with the chloroplast No. 1 3000-4000 times or the Greenheng No. 2 600 times liquid, which can effectively prevent the further expansion of the disease.

After the seed is solved and the seedlings unearthed after the seedbed soil is sterilized and sowed, it is also necessary to pay attention to the management of the seedling stage. In the shelter of the protected area, it is necessary to release the wind in time, reduce the humidity, and prevent the seedlings from being long; use the sorghum to raise the seedlings, avoid the accumulation of water, and water less in the early stage. Cultivate.

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