VICTREX PEEK Polymer launches lightweight gears for agricultural machinery

Recently, in order to solve the problem that metal parts could not maintain their wear resistance due to continuous use for a long time and exposure to high temperatures, Victrex Polymers and Saroplast Technology Planning Department jointly launched a new material solution for gear manufacturing - VICTREXPEEK polymer.

Saroplast is an expert in product design and molding. In order to design a new gear suitable for the commercial harvesting of olive crops, Saroplast and Victrex Polymer modified the metal ring part of the tool and added a ball bearing to control the movement of the connecting rod. Previous tools have problems with ergonomics and practicality, and heavy equipment has affected mechanical performance, resulting in the inability to use it for long periods of time. The use of the VICTREX PEEK 450CA30 replaces some of the metal components, reducing the weight of the tool, improving handling and extending the life of the equipment. This material was originally used to cover the components and was later used to make gears. In addition, VICTREXPEEK polymer new materials can also reduce equipment weight, reduce energy consumption and reduce noise.

This design passed the test successfully. The VICTREX PEEK 450CA30 offers a lightweight solution that allows operators to use it conveniently throughout the day. At the same time, the heat resistance of the polymer allows the tool to work continuously for a long time without worrying about excessive wear. In addition, the new design not only reduces noise, but also significantly reduces energy consumption.

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Constitute by engine, crawler chassis, loading hopper, hydraulic system etc

Suitable for farmland, orchard, greenhouses, nurseries snow, sand and the construction site ,fire control ,hilly area, flood land, desert, warehouse, mine, and ice surface etc.

Low diesel consumption by single cylinder power system

High traction power, Max climbing 45 degree slope, big volume transportation

More flexible with small turning radius, especially suitable for limited space, reduce cost

Electrical starting,  easy handle lever controlling, Hydraulic transmission, no gear shift

Each track has separate hydraulic motor and speed reduction gear

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Crawler Transporter

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