Texas Miniature Hardware Industry Development: Innovation is the Best Way Out

Case 1: In the newly completed laboratory of the high-tech industrial park in Leling Jinling Group, the bright 10 test machines and the Link tester are particularly dazzling. “It took more than 10 million yuan to add these things!” On December 10, Sun Zhongyi, chairman of the group, introduced the plan. This is for the production of new products such as friction materials for high-end trains, aircrafts and construction machinery.

The group's main production of high-end ceramic brake pads has been very good for several years. Why should we "turn around"?

Sun Zhongyi explained that there are three reasons: First, one cannot rely on a product for a lifetime. In 1991, Jin Qilin Group switched brake pads from production of small machinery. In 2004, the Group took the lead in developing the world's leading ceramic brake pads, which quickly opened up in Europe and the United States. Although the group is now the oldest in China, there are dozens of companies in the same industry in the country and will eventually face the competition of “small profits and quick turnover”. In order to further expand its market space, new products must be developed.

Second, new products are more effective. The reason why the brake pads can "promote" is because it is used as a vehicle wearing part and the market is huge. In contrast, the high-end trains, aircrafts, and friction materials used in construction machinery are now required to make up for the gaps in the domestic market. The market is more competitive and profits are higher. For example, high-end ceramic brake pads cost $100 each, and high-end train brake pads cost more than $700 each. If they are put into production, the benefits will increase sevenfold.

Third, innovation is the only way out. In the past 20 years, the Group has always been committed to strengthening independent innovation and brand building. It has been carrying out technological changes almost every two years before it has established a firm foothold in the market and has won the top spot in the industry. At present, the gold unicorn car brakes are Chinese famous brand products, and the trademark LPB is a well-known trademark in China. Its technology center is a state-level enterprise technology center. It has developed and introduced 367 new products, obtained 51 national patents and 15 national scientific and technological achievement awards.

It is reported that the Group's high-end OE brake linings have been expanded on schedule, with 8 new fully automated production lines, and an annual production capacity of 10 million sets; high-end train brakes have entered the pilot production stage, and 500,000 can be produced each year; Friction materials for construction machinery are under development and are expected to be launched next year. In the first 10 months of this year, the group’s output value reached 1.95 billion yuan, and its net profit soared 120%.

Case 2: Leling Guoqiang Hardware Group also experienced a transition from the supporting role to the protagonist. The group was originally a wood furniture factory producing furniture. In 1987, Song Guoqiang became the factory manager. According to Song Guoqiang, the so-called "production" was better than "distribution" because some of the furniture had to be processed by other companies.

"As for the reins on the thighs of the people," it is said that they belong to a kind of socialized division of labor and cooperation, but if it is not a community of interests, sometimes it will inevitably be trapped in a predicament. With more and more manufacturers of wood furniture and increasingly thin profits, the company has undergone its first transformation.

Variable processing and distribution for independent production and marketing, investment in more than 900,000 yuan to introduce equipment and technology, launched upstream fiber board production line furniture, and the daily output of 2000 and nearly 9 yuan each profit, for the wood factory has accumulated the original capital. When many companies subsequently switched to fiberboard, the company again withdrew and made another transition.

In 1990, after examining the company's highest technological content of the luggage hardware lock code, at the same time renamed Le Hong Hardware Products Co., Ltd. Song Guoqiang said: "At that time, we invested $1 million to purchase 3 sets of high-performance equipment and introduced 5 professional talents. Through painstaking learning and research, the products were soon born, and we got over 20 million yuan at the Canton Fair. Orders."

Since then, Legang Hardware has grown bigger and bigger. In 1998, Guoqiang Hardware Group was established, invested 50 million yuan to establish five new product research institutes for mold design and manufacture, electroplating and surface art, and successively developed high-end architectural hardware and household electrical appliances hardware. , furniture hardware and other ten series of more than 3,000 varieties, applied for 102 national patents, has more than 100 independent intellectual property rights, products exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the Americas more than 30 countries and regions, the annual output value of 600 million yuan, and foreign exchange earnings With 12 million U.S. dollars, profits and taxes reached 72 million yuan, and it has successively won China's well-known trademarks, as well as China's construction of a technologically advanced enterprise with independent innovation and the honor of China's hardware king.

Song Guoqiang said: "In order to be truly bigger and stronger, only if they are never satisfied and accelerate transformation and upgrading." In 2004, Guoqiang invested 280 million yuan to introduce the world's only inorganic thermal superconducting technology. The independently researched and developed inorganic high-efficiency new heat pipe solar energy project was Included in the National Torch Plan Project and National Treasury Key Support Project.

At the end of 2009, Guoqiang Group seized the golden opportunities of the implementation of the Yellow River Delta High Efficient Ecological Economic Zone planning, based on regional resource advantages and featured industries, and switched from science and technology industry to highly efficient ecological agriculture. They united with the American Alliance Group, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Shouguang. Vegetable associations, etc., built four modern agricultural high-tech integrated industries such as Guoqiang Yalian Agricultural Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Leling Jinsi jujube industrial research and development base, Dezhou organic vegetable science and technology demonstration and promotion base, Dezhou Wu donkey home breeding base, etc. Demonstration park. According to Song Guoqiang's plan, after this "transition", the group's profits will rise by 30%.

Interview notes: In a region, the more companies do the better, the bigger the company is, the better, but whether it is "strong." In a region, the economy is no longer the more "amount" of growth, but the "quality" of growth. More and more companies in Leling City are aware of the importance of technological progress and have finally formed a welcome change: from “increased input growth” caused by an increase in labor and capital, to “high-tech content, high added value. , High market share, low energy consumption, low (zero) pollution, and low resource dependence” feature new and technologically advanced growth.

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