Linqing Quality Supervision Bureau grasps technical focus to support industrial economy such as bearings

Abstract Linqing bearing industry, after more than half a century of wind and rain journey, experienced the evolution from family workshop to large-scale, specialized production, from the first bearing market trade, thousands of bearing enterprises Partly started from the hand-workshop-style family processing point, forming the slave axis...

Linqing Bearing Industry, after more than half a century of wind and rain, experienced the evolution from family workshops to large-scale, specialized production, which was born from the first bearing market trade, and the vast majority of thousands of bearing companies Starting from the hand-work-type family processing point, it has formed a production and processing sales system from bearing steel to forging, car, grinding, heat treatment, installation and sales. It can produce more than 5,000 types of products from 0-9 categories. More than 40 countries and regions across the country and Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

Linqing Bearing Production Base was rated as the first batch of high-quality product production bases in Shandong Province. According to reports, in recent years, Linqing has emerged a number of famous brand products and famous brand enterprises, further enhancing the core competitiveness of Linqing enterprises. In the future, Linqing will continue to push the quality and market strategy to a deeper level and a higher level, and actively guide enterprises to establish and improve quality management, measurement, and standard systems, improve quality inspection and monitoring methods, and improve overall quality. Vigorously implement the brand-driven strategy, strengthen the brand awareness of the whole society, increase the cultivation of brand-name products of key enterprises, and strive to make more products in Linqing become brand-name products.

"Dapeng jumped up the wind and lifted up to 90,000 miles." This is a true portrayal and image of the rapid development of the Linqing bearing industry. Say goodbye to the hands-on development path. In the “double-base” construction work, Shandong Linqing City Quality Supervision Bureau clearly realized that the development of quality supervision, the function of service, and the improvement of service quality cannot be separated from technical institutions, and the construction of technical institutions must combine local characteristics. The industry type is carried out. For this reason, the bureau combines eight major local specialty industries such as Linqing paper and paper products, copper processing, textiles, bearings, automobiles and engineering machinery, special steel and steel processing, agricultural machinery manufacturing, food and medicine. , high starting point planning, high standards of construction, to do enough technical institutions to build articles.

On the basis of a large number of meticulous investigations and studies, Shandong Linqing City Quality Supervision Bureau has selected the input projects after sufficient argumentation. Invested 2 million yuan, established a 1100 square meter inspection and testing building, and used the building as a development platform to purchase more than 1 million yuan of internal combustion engine parts and building materials inspection and testing equipment. At present, 19 sets of equipment such as metallographic microscope, hard-supporting balancer roughness meter and multi-element automatic analyzer have been installed and commissioned, and can be used for internal combustion engine parts such as cylinder liner, connecting rod, cylinder head, piston ring and crankshaft. Testing; hydraulic universal testing machine, repeated bending testing machine and other building materials equipment have also been installed in place, can test 30 items of wire rod, rebar, bearing steel, seamless steel pipe, steel strip, sintered ordinary brick 6 products.

The establishment of these two testing rooms can test 107 projects of 17 products. The “shangma” of these two major testing projects has further met the needs of regional economic development and met the needs of the Linqing and surrounding inspection and testing markets. With the improvement of inspection and testing capabilities, the service capacity and social image of the bureau have also been effectively improved. When Meng Zhaohong, deputy director of the Standardization Department of the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, went to the Linqing Quality Supervision Bureau for investigation, he fully affirmed the construction of the technical organization of the bureau. He said that the technical organization of the Linqing Quality Supervision Bureau has a high positioning and positioning. Goals, initiatives, priorities, effectiveness, and potential.

In the construction of technical institutions, the bureau also attached great importance to the propaganda of local leaders in order to win the support of local party committees and governments, and was affirmed and praised by local governments. Seriously summed up the experience and practices of striving for a high-quality bearing base last year, seized the opportunity of the municipal government to create a provincial-level high-quality textile production base and striving for brand-name work, and actively reported to the municipal party committee and the main leaders of the municipal government for quality supervision, focusing on technology. Institutional building plays an important role in creating bases, striving for famous brands, and promoting the rapid development of local industries. It strives for the recognition and support of local government leaders and strives for local government policies and funds.

After hard work, the municipal government decided to provide 400 square meters of office space for the construction of the bearing inspection center and the tobacco shop measurement and inspection station in the construction project of the SME service platform of the tobacco shop. A leader of the Linqing Municipal Government evaluated the technical institution construction of the bureau in this way: “The starting point of the technical organization of Linqing City Quality Supervision Bureau is high, the vision is long, the measures are effective, the action is rapid, and the scientific development of the city’s economy will be made. Bigger contribution!"

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