Bathroom space is prone to safety hazards, several safety issues should be noted

Bathrooms have always been a place where safety hazards are more likely to occur. When we carefully select various styles and styles, we should pay more attention to the safety hazards of sanitary ware. We need to be responsible for the safety of ourselves and our families, and this is what we must pay attention to. In the days after the accumulation of life, these security risks may accumulate, so we must put an end to it.

The quality of the tiles is related to the safety of the bathroom

Tiles seem to be more suitable for use in the bathroom than other wall materials. However, the wet environment of the bathroom also makes us pay more attention to the quality and performance of the tile products. When consumers choose, they must pay attention to the anti-slip, strength, water absorption rate of the tile itself, and the glaze quality of the glazed tile.

1. Special attention should be paid to the anti-skid of the bathroom floor tiles. Although the brand will present relevant data to consumers when purchasing, it is more appropriate to try to make judgments by stepping on it, and if possible, sprinkle some water and try again. In addition, the anti-slip of the tile is mainly formed by the friction of the contact surface, so it is possible to purchase some tiles with patterns and unevenness. In addition, if you use polished tiles, be sure to ask if you have added anti-slip agent. You can also feel the anti-slip effect of oysters after water.

2, the water absorption rate of the wall tile is about its sticking firmness. Generally speaking, the lower the water absorption rate means the higher the density of the product, the stronger the anti-pollution ability. The high water absorption rate of the tile will cause cracking of the tile surface and peeling of the whole tile after thermal expansion and contraction. In Beijing, the bathroom needs to pay attention to this problem. Chen Wei suggested that the simple judgment method is tapping, the sound is crisp and the density is high; the hoarse sound is low in density and high in water absorption.

3, the strength of the tile determines its resistance to damage. If the strength of the tile is not enough, it will easily lead to the overall cracking of the tile, which may cause the product to fall off and scratch. However, there is no necessary connection between the strength and thickness of the tile, and the strength is essentially dependent on the texture. Therefore, consumers do not have to buy too thick when purchasing.

The hardness of the ware porcelain determines its load-bearing capacity

In addition to the function and shape, consumers should also pay attention to the firing technology and cleaning technology of the product itself.

1. To avoid "bathroom syndrome" (hypoxia-ischemia due to high temperature and high humidity). Consumers are advised to purchase a full bath room with ventilation equipment.

2. Pay attention to the earthquake resistance of the tempered glass in the shower room. The overall shock and impact resistance of tempered glass should be tested by impact at the factory and placed for one to two months after testing to process the shower room. This is because the tempered glass is most prone to chipping in the absence of external force and is within one month after production. Some small manufacturers may not be able to check, but the burst of tempered glass is not terrible, but pay attention to the pressure and touch after the burst, let the professionals or manufacturers solve.

3. Pay attention to the leakage protection of the product. Where the bathroom is in contact with the power supply, such as functional toilets, jacuzzi, shower room, etc., where there is electricity need, these areas should have leakage protection and overload protection. Products with excellent quality will have such devices to ensure safe use.

4. Check the anti-slip protection of the contact part of the bottom of the bathtub. Normally, the bottom of the bathtub has anti-slip protection, which increases friction and improves safety. In addition, when the bathtub is in production, a good brand will use a non-slip acrylic material.

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