Ceramic mosaic how to choose how to clean the mosaic

Ceramic mosaics can be said to be used more commonly in decoration, and most ceramics play a decorative role, and this product has excellent anti-skid properties and is also good in visual effects, so more and more Consumers can use it. The following Xiao Bian will introduce to you how to choose the ceramic mosaic and how to clean the mosaic.

How to choose ceramic mosaic

1. Hardness: Be sure to pay attention to the hardness of the ceramic mosaic when purchasing it. We must know that this product not only has good hardness, but also has certain toughness. It is not easy to break when it is used, and it is not It will not appear cracked after being posted, and it will be more comfortable to use it.

2, the surface condition: ceramic mosaic in general it has a layer of good quality glaze surface, so when choosing is to observe the ceramic mosaic glaze it is not uniform, flatness is good, at the same time look at whether there is no scraping Flowers, uneven phenomenon occurs.

3, non-slip side: in the selection of ceramic mosaic must be selected from the aspect of non-slip performance, if it is better to use in the wall, but when used on the ground slippery, it is easy to fall people, bruises and so on for people Security is also a hidden danger.

4, the color of the ceramic mosaic: If it is a standard ceramic mosaic generally speaking, its surface color is also the same, it can be said in the texture pattern is also relatively clear, there will be no breaks and other occurrences.

5, size: There are also selected in the selection of ceramic mosaic size, in general, the ceramic mosaic size is very standard, the error is relatively small, only the effect of this construction will be more neat.

How to clean the mosaic

1, clean cotton wipe

Consider using clean water and absorbent cotton cloth to wipe it. The first thing to know is that the surface of the mosaic is relatively flat, so it's not easy to get filth and it's much easier to clean it.

2, detergent scrub

If it is a floor, this time depends on whether or not you have a drainage system on the ground. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck it again. Then you use a cleaner to add water to it, and wipe it again with a wringer. In general, this is almost done. If it is the floor of a shower room, you can spray it directly after showering every day. This effect is also good.

Summary: How to choose ceramic mosaics and how to clean the mosaic related content is introduced here, you can refer to the above points in the selection of ceramic mosaics , so that the selected products will be more satisfied, and at the same time can not be sloppy when cleaning. I hope that the above introduction will help everyone.

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